trousersCredit: JohannaAs as mother of two, I am always on the constant lookout for clothing that offers style, functionality, comfort and practicality. I know that's a lot to ask for, but I recently hit the jackpot! I was searching around Etsy for some clothes for my little one when I came across BibsN'Bobs' shop. There I found this fabulous pair of pants that met and exceeded all of my expectations!

The first thing about these pants that caught my eye was how cute they were! Every mom that I know gets a kick out of finding cute clothes for their little ones to wear – it's like having a doll all over again! The pair that I chose from BibsN'Bobs were made out of a vibrant and colorful fabric that was not only beautiful, but also very durable! If you have little ones, you know how important it is that their clothes can withstand some abuse! The material is 100% cotton and very durable so that they can be passed down from one child to another!

The next feature and probably my favorite, is that they are reversible!!! Genius! I don't know why more children's clothing isn't reversible, but I love it! They aren't just made using a two-sided fabric either, there are 2 layers of fabric sewn together in complimentary colors. If you are out at a restaurant and baby drops a meatball on his or her pants, just turn them inside out and you're good to go! I've officially been convinced that all of my baby's clothes should be reversible! If one side gets a stain that just won't come out in the wash, there's no need to throw them away because there is still a perfectly good and wearable pair of pants on the other side!

The quality of workmanship that was put into these adorable little trousers is excellent. My mother made much of my clothing growing up so I know what gpuchCredit: Johannaood stitch work and seaming looks like and this is certainly it! It is my belief that handmade clothing should be a better quality than what you can buy in the store and these pants certainly don't disappoint. I can tell that they are going to last through the years and be a fantastic item of clothing!

 Baby clothing isn't the only thing that BibsN'Bobs carries, there are also some other baby items and some truly fabulous pouches! Anything in BibsN'Bobs would make a fantastic gift, but I think once you visit, you'll be shopping for yourself!