Great Bicep Workouts to Increase Arm Size

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The biceps are the most popular part of a man's physique that he would like to be muscular. This can be similar to a trophy for men and can be used as a confidence tool in the attraction of women. There are right and wrong ways about gaining muscle mass but following these simple bicep workouts will ensure safe and great results.

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Bicep workouts are simply creative ways that individuals use to increase the size of their biceps. This is a natural way to workout and gain muscle mass. These workouts are effective and they are used by many as the biceps are one of the most popular areas that people want to grow.

There are many reasons which may cause an individual want to do bicep workouts. These could include the loss of weight, muscle gain or just a healthier feeling. Whatever the reason, bicep workouts are fairly simple but are still highly effective in gaining muscle. These exercises stimulate muscle growth and can be done anytime. Some workouts are as follows:

Bicep Curl

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This bicep workout is a popular method of increasing the size of the biceps. This is traditionally done by lifting weights and curling your biceps over and over.  This would see you standing up with your feet apart and you holding dumbbells in your arm. The position of the dumbbells should be right before your thighs. You should then squeeze the dumbbells in each hand and this will in turn be squeezing the biceps.  While squeezing, the biceps will be thoroughly worked out.

Full body workout

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Sometimes focusing on the bicep workout alone may not grow the muscle to a point that you want. It is wise to carry out a full body workout which will see all the different muscles including the biceps being worked out. This is also recommended as you will want to even out your workout and not focus too much on one particular area.

Work them

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The biceps are an integral part of general hand movement and when we lift things. Occasionally lifting more weight than you are used to will be a great bicep workout. This is a great way to increase the biceps as you force them to get stronger and experience some form of exercise every time you lift something. This will eventually lead to a noticeable increase in the bicep size.

Train muscles in sequence

Some experts that specialize in exercise, recommend that the best time to do bicep workouts is after you have done some form of leg workout. They believe that muscles grow faster and better when you have larger amounts of testosterone and growth hormones in the body. Therefore, it is believed that when you conduct leg workouts these chemicals are at their highest in your body. While the chemicals are active in your body you will experience a more effective bicep workout and they will be more likely to grow at that time.


I have presented to you a number of ways to increase the size of your biceps which I hope you will implement in your work out routine.