Lots of people use bicycle exercise to successfully lose weight, this is because the fun and enjoyment you get from cycling keeps you doing it and you are less likely to quit because boredom does not come into the equation.

Cycling is a fantastic form of cardio exercise, but you will not see weight loss results unless you are eating an healthy and balanced diet plan which is high in complex carbs, protein and low in calories and fats.

bicycle exercise for losing weightIf you are thinking about jumping on the saddle and starting bicycling to help with your weight loss. There are a few things that you will need to do first, to prevent injuries which may put you out of bike riding for several weeks.

Prior to starting your bike ride, it will be a wise move to do some stretching exercises. This will help to stretch and prepare the muscles for exercise which is going to dramatically reduce your chances of picking up aches and pains following your bike riding sessions. If you haven't got a bicyle to ride on, but you are thinking about taking it up. So that you can start losing weight.

Well, you will need to buy a cycle based on the terrain you are riding on, if you are planning on riding off road on rough terrains, its very important that you buy a mountain bike that is designed for this rough and ready terrain. If you only plan on riding on the roads, a racing bike will probably be your best choice. Racing bikes can take a little getting use to at first, so if you are wanting more comfort and durability on the roads then a mountain bike again will probably be your best choice.

If you are new to exercise and have any medical concerns regarding exercise, it will be a good idea to get the all clear first from your doctor, before you part with any hard earned cash on a new bicycle. Once you have gotten the all clear, start off slow and build up the duration and pace of your bike rides as you go.

It will also be a good idea to take small rests every couple of mile, don't push yourself too hard at first, this is how injuries happen and like we mentioned earlier you don't want that do you. Never take a total rest though, jump off the saddle and walk with the bike until you have the energy to continue riding. This will help with your weight loss dramatically and will help to keep your muscles warm to prevent injury.

It will also be a good idea to shake your hands every now again when you are cycling. Cyling can cause a lack of blood flow into your hands and arms, so giving them a shake will help to get the blood flowing again. When you get that numb feeling in your arms, you have left it a little late and will need to take a little rest to get rid of these niggling aches and pains. Bicyling is a fantastic and fun thing to do with the added bonus of giving you physical exercise that will help you to lose weight.

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