Bicycle indoor training stands are a piece of a equipment that you hook up to your normal bike that you ride everyday outside to ride inside. So, if you were to ask could I buy a stand that makes my bicycle a stationary bike, I would have to tell you, yes. A stationary bicycle stand allows you to have a cheap, inexpensive indoor bike trainer for those cold months. Bicycle indoor training stands are very important and easy to use if cycling training is a regiment that you plan on using.

Why Would You Ever Need a Bicycle Indoor Training Stand?

Well, have a bicycle indoor training stand allows you to use your current bicycle inside on a stand, which has a variety of advantages. You can train long and hard in this winter months where going outside would be freezing. Another example of why converting your bike into a cheap indoor bike trainer is you can work out at night and not worry about safety hazards that occur at riding at night.

Some other benefits of using a bicycle indoor training stand is you can practice regular techniques. You can also use this stationary bike to watch TV or do other activities and you don't even have to prep yourself for an outside adventure! You can set the resistance higher with the bicycle indoor training stand, not be worried about weather or anything like that, watch DVDs, and ease back into your normal shape after taking an injury. Indoor bike trainers are very nice pieces of equipment that can allow you to stay in shape for a long amount of time.

Of course, there are certain benefits to having something like a Kettler racer indoor cycling bike, but really the price makes it not worth it though they are nice to look at, and if for the right price, should be attainable.

How Does a Bicycle Indoor Training Stand Work?

Your bike is picked up the rear wheel is put on the rear-axle bicycle indoor training stand. You just have to raise your bike a little off the ground. When you pedal the bike, this will rotate the axis, which you can increase or decrease the resistance of, thus making it harder to pedal the bike. Finally, when the axis is rotating the roller in the bicycle indoor training stand will start to spin. All models are different, but this is generally how it works.

Why Would You Not Want to Use Bicycle Indoor Training Stands?

There are not that many reasons I believe for not wanting to use a stand because the price is just unbeatable. If you do want to purchase a full trainer, I would suggest the Kettler racer indoor cycling bike because of its high ratings and great experience.

One of the reasons for not wanting to use a bicycle indoor training stand is the simple fact that it can be very boring sitting there and seeing the same sights. To cure this, I would suggest watching a movie while using your stationary bike. Another downside to an indoor bike trainer is that there is no wind blowing in your face, so this can be sweaty work. Once again, this can be taken care of with a fan though.

The main reason why people would go for something like Kettler racer indoor cycling bike instead of a bicycle indoor training stand is because it can mess up your tires. Your tires will be torn up much quicker than normal, but the Kettler racer indoor cycling bike has special tires made for stationary bicycle training. The tire issue can get expensive, so make the choice carefully.

As you can tell, there are many advantages and some disadvantages to the bicycle indoor training stands used with your bicycle. The choice is not simple, but both ways will create a successful, enjoyable indoor cycling experience.