Ride To Work

So, you decided to leave the car at home and bike to work, but what about your laptop?  There are really well made bicycle messenger bags now that will fit your laptop and hook onto the back of your bike.

If you like the idea of a hard sided case, rather than those bicycle handlebar bags, which tend to be soft sided, then you will like the line of bags for the bike that are designed with the idea of carrying your laptop to work or play.

These hard sided bags can be purchased in double sided for extra storage over your back wheel.  They are waterproof, and a great place to put your files and laptop.  You can just disconnect the bag and take it into the office with you. 

This way you don’t have to take the car, just because you have a few more files to take to work.  Getting around town on a bike can be just as quick since you don’t have to park the car, and many offices are allowing you to take your bikes inside.

So, if you like the idea of biking to work, but have your laptop and important files to take with you, then consider getting specialized messenger bags that are hard sided and robust.

Head to your local bike accessory store or even online to see the latest in storage for your bike.  If this is the year you have decided to treat yourself to a new bike, then get a bicycle messenger bag at the same time.  You can get these colour co-ordinated to match your bike, and they can instantly unhook and head inside to the office with you.

Leaving the car at home, if you can, is a great way to get exercise, especially bicycle messenger bagsif you tend to be office bound.  If you enjoy biking, and it is the weekend, but you still have work to do, then you could put your files and your laptop in these hard shelled bicycle messenger bags and head to the local park or coffee shop on your bike. Pannier Shopping hard case bag class great for laptop computer for bicycle by Biria

With the rising cost of gas it makes sense to use pedal power when you can, especially if you live in the suburbs where you could run errands on your bike.  Many towns and cities are setting up bike lanes to encourage people to ride their bikes and get the cars off the road.

One rule you could follow for yourself, is to look at your list of errands, and if they are within a mile of your home, and they are not huge items that need picking up, then use your bike or walk.  It is hardly worth warming up a car for a mile errand. 

So, take a good look at your bike if you have one.  Get it tuned up if you don’t like working on it, and get a good seat (really important especially if you have not been riding for a while) many of the seats that come with new bikes are not always that comfortable.  Get a seat that works for you and then consider bicycle messenger bags for the back for your laptop etc, or bicycle handlebar bags for the front, which ever works best for you, and now you have no excuse, get out on your bike.  Also see cute helmet covers for kids.  A cute way to get them to wear them.