So you want to buy a fixie. Here's a few options if you want to buy a fixie from our local bike shop in Twin Falls, Idaho. First lets be specific, a fixie is not the same as a single speed. A fixie is one speed but you can not coast. The bike is set up so that when the wheels are turning the pedals are turning. I'm not going to go into much detail about what fixies are because if you are looking to buy one then you know what they are.

Fixies are commonly used for racing at velodromes and bicycle messengers. The fixie craze has popularized this style of bicycle for all types of riders all over the United States. The fixie craze has not hit Twin Falls yet. It may not ever become popular here in Twin Falls. Us southern Idaho riders tend to be "lazy" and want our gears. I know I sure do.

There are many options to purchasing a fixie online but I'm only gong to concentrate on the fixies that are available through our local bike shop the Spoke and Wheel. Test riding probably will not be an option as the Spoke and Wheel will have to order the bike from Trek or Raleigh as he does not have enough demand to stock fixies.

The Spoke and Wheel bike shop sells Trek, Gary Fisher, and Raleigh bicycles. Each of these bike brands offers fixie that may suit you. Once you receive your new fixie bike from the Spoke and Wheel bike shop you will receive excellent customer service and advice for as long as you own the fixie bike.

Trek T1 Track Bike

The Trek T1 Track Bike is available for $1,100 and comes with a flip flop hub. The flip flop hub allows you to run it as a fixie but if you miss coasting you can flip the hub around and it will allow you to coast.

The Trek T1 Track bikes frame is made with Treks Alpha Black aluminum and comes with a Bontrager carbon fiber fork.

Gary Fisher Triton

The Gary Fisher Triton also offers the flip flop hub. The Gary Fisher Triton retails for $770.00 . The Gary Fisher Triton is going to weigh in heavier because it has a heavier fork but depending on your riding style the carbon fiber fork of the Trek T1 may not be what you want under you if you are hopping sidewalks.

The Gary Fisher Triton is the best looking of the three fixies but many people do not like the thick welds on the Gary Fisher bikes. Too me the Gary Fisher welds are beautiful, a work of art. The Gary Fisher Triton uses a steel frame.

Raleigh One Way

The Raleigh One Way comes with a flip flop hub. The Raleigh One Way retails for around $800. The Raleigh One Way comes with fenders and a Brooks B17 leather saddle. The Raleigh One Way was featured in "Mens Health" magazine. The Raleigh One Way uses a classic steel frame and is an excellent bargain for the money. The brooks saddle alone is worth a hundred.

If you choose to buy a fixie then take a look at our local bike shop. You can save a few bucks ordering online but in the long run you will be better off by purchasing a quality fixie from your LBS.