If you love riding your bike in the dusk or dark, then consider bicycle wheel lights to let everyone see you!

Lights for Bikes

In heavy rains or dusk, it can be hard for a weary driver coming home from work to really notice you and your bike.  Whether it is you, as an adult riding your bike to work, or your kids out and about.  You can get bike lights that help your kids to be seen, as well as reflective tape, but there are some cool new products on the market now that will keep your kids visible on their bikes, plus they show a cool rainbow of color.

Sometimes those little tail lights can be hard to see, so by lighting up the wheels, this is a much larger area that can now be seen by drivers.

These are bicycle wheel lights.  They fit in the wheels of your bike and are powered by AA batteries.  They are easy to install and you can actually control the colour hues that emit from these wheel lights.

These are bright LED lights, in brilliant colors, and when the bike is rolling along these lights can go a long way to helping everyone see them riding.  Get these bicycle wheel lights for your kid’s bikes or your own, if they tend to be out after dinner, in the dusk or heavy weather, they will catch a drivers eye and let them know the rider is there.

The best part is that kids love them, which helps.  Trying to keep kids safe on their bikes with car traffic around can be difficult.  They are taught safety rules and wear their helmets, but by adding lots of eye catching bicycle wheel lights, they will stand out.  You will be able to see them coming home!

If you head to your local bicycle accessory shop in your neighbourhood, you can see the latest technology and gadgets that are on the market now for bicycles.  Many could be a life saver.  As more and more of us, join the kids on bikes to get around for errands and for fun, then some of these gadgets can really help with your riding experience.  Good bike lighting is one of them.

You may not plan to be out on your bike at night, but it can happen.  Even just in the early dusk hours, it can be hard for a car to see you.  It doesn’t have to be pitch black out there for good lights on a bicycle to be useful.  You can get headlamps, peddle lights, rear lights and more, but these bicycle wheel lights, really light up to get you noticed as they take up a bigger area on the bike.

You can purchase these at bicycle accessory stores, or you can also get them online at such sites as Amazon and others.  There are lots of lighting ideas for the bike to be seen after dark, but these wheel lights make a great addition and are cool to look at.  They are weather proof and only need AA batteries to run.

So get your kids or yourself personalizing the bikes with different colours of wheel lights, and feel confident that they will not just disappear into the dark when riding home from their friend’s house or that part time job or in the rain when it tends to get darker. 

Keep informed with all the different gadgets on the market.  They are affordable and can make your biking experience a safer one for you and your kids.  Also see cute helmet covers for kids.  The easiest way to get them to wear their helmets all the time.