I am so sick and tired of these restaurants in Twin Falls such as McDonald's that will not let us ride our bicycles through the drive-thru. The inside of McDonald's closes but the drive-thru is still open yet they will not let me ride my bicycle through the drive-in.

I have been given a lot of excuses but McDonald's of Twin Falls tells me that it is a "safety issue and we want to protect bicycles". I call BS. Go to the McDonald's during a weekday lunch rush. Now that is unsafe.

Drive-Thrus around the Country ban bicycles and I am tired of it. One place in Twin Falls that does have a bicycle friendly drive-thru is Rolberto's Mexican Restaurant. They are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You can order a fish burrito, Carne Asada tacos, or the best damn breakfast burritos around. You can also order all the Mexican foods any day of the year, including major holidays such as Christmas. Rolberto's Mexican Restaurant is very convenient, including their drive-thru.

I usually park my bike by the front door and walk in. You have a clear view of your bike and do not have to worry about it being stolen. I conducted a few tests to see how bicycle friendly Rolberto's is. One day I took my bicycle inside the restaurant. No complaints from the staff. I also have ridden my bicycle through the drive-thru both late at night and during the weekday lunch rush. No problems at all. Bicycles are welcome at Rolberto's.

If you are an avid cyclist I encourage you to consider spending more money with the bicycle friendly companies such as Twin Falls. I will be listing more companies in future articles that cover restaurants in Twin Falls Idaho that are both bicycle friendly as well as covering the unfriendly restaurants.

This problem is not specific to Twin Falls, Idaho. There is an epidemic of drive-thrus failing to support local cyclists by banning them from using the drive-thrus.