Cycling is not only a fantastic way to get around town and reduce your carbon footprint, but it is also an excellent way to lose weight and get fit. More people than ever, are using cycling as a means of transport. One of the reasons as well is the price of gas just keep rising. It these small journeys to family members and friends that quickly eats into your tank of gas. If you don't own a cycle, don't worry you can now pick up lots of really good quality bicycles for well under 100 dollars.

Bicycles Under 100 Dollars (23131)The best place to shop for these cheap bicycles is the Internet, there are lots of cycling companies online that sell quite a large range of different bicycles for under $100. Lets take a quick look at just three bicycles that you can currently find for sale on the Internet at the time of writing this article.

The first bicycle that we are going to look at is the Pacific Stratus Mens Mountain Bike. This 26 inch steel framed mens bicycle, comes with sure stop rear and front steel caliper brakes with 15 gears that are quickly changed using the thumb shifters on the handlebars. It has a one piece MTB crank, mountain handlebar and stem and steel wheels. The weight of the bicycle is approx 46 pounds, which is considerably light taking into account the bike is mainly constructed from steel. Costing just under one hundred dollars this is a fantastic cycle at a fantastic price. This model is also available to buy in kids and womens sizes, which allows all the family to start cycling together at a cheap price.

The second bicycle costing less than 100 dollars is the Huffy Mens Granite Bike. This bike comes in two different sizes 24 inch for most teens and 26 inch wheel for taller kids and adults. The bike has 15 gears, linear pull brakes, an extremely comfortable MTB padded seat which is fully adjustable to suit your height. It comes in two different colors which are red and blue and also has adjustable handlebars with soft grips for even more comfort whilst cycling. The bikes frame and wheels are made from durable steel and some assembly work will be required if you are buying from an online retailer.

The third and final bicycle under 100 dollars is the NEXT PowerX Dual-Suspension Mens 26 inch Mountain Bike. This bike is not only stylish and durable but it offers an oversized steel frame for taller adults. The dual suspension system on the bike also helps to eliminate the discomfort felt when riding on rough terrain. It has 26 inch wheels, linear pull brakes, sleek graphics and high gloss paint work and 18 gears so that you can ride the bicycle on almost any terrain. All these models are available to purchase in mens, womens and kids sizes and costing less than 100 dollars each are definitely bicycles that people buying on a budget will definitely need to take a closer look at.