Bicycles are stolen all around the Country everyday. Recently Jenna Bush Hager, daughter of former President George W. Bush, had 2 bicycles stolen from her house. If Jenna Bush Hager can have her bicycles stolen from a locked garage then anybody can have their bikes stolen.

It's a fact that many people have their bicycles stolen each day. Recently in Idaho we have had a rash of bicycles stolen. Last month Boise police arrested 7 people in a bike theft ring. In Shelley 3 kids were arrested from stealing bicycles and stripping the parts off of them.

Here in Twin Falls where I live part of the time bike theft is also common. Many bicycle thefts are never reported. It does not matter whether you have a high end Gary Fisher mountain bike or a cheap Wal-Mart bicycle. If you leave it unlocked it will eventually get stolen.

Always carry a quality lock with you. Always lock your bike up. You also should lock your bike up even if you have it inside of your locked garage. As Jenna Bush Hager's situation showed, even a locked garage is no match for a bike thief. Generally a thief will want to break in, steal what they can, and then leave as fast as possible. If the thief breaks into your garage and you high end bicycle is locked up it may cause them to move onto different items to steal.

If your kids have a habit of leaving their bicycles lying down in the front yard then it is just a matter of time until their bikes are stolen.

To help keep your bikes safe

  • Always use a quality lock to keep your bike locked up
  • Register your bike. Most bicycle companies such as Trek and Gary Fisher require you to register your bike with them in order to have any potential problems covered by the warranty. In case your bicycle is stolen Trek or Gary Fisher can verify with you what your bikes serial number is so you can prove to the police that the bike is indeed actually your bike.

If you do not have the bicycle registered with the company there are other ways you can officially register your bike such as using the National Bike Registry.
Always keep a lock on your bike when you are not riding it. When you keep your bike locked up it drastically decreases the chances of your bike being stolen.