is one of the premier websites for getting deals on hotels, airline tickets, cruises and other great vacation deals.  William Shatner brought even more attention to this site with his character “The Price Negotiator.”  With all of that being said one of the biggest mysteries about is how to get the best deals on hotel rooms.  Let’s discuss the best way to get that room that you are searching for.

  1.  Plan your trip in advance.  The earlier you are able to book your trip the cheaper the price of the room will be.  Don’t use the online search site for the particular area and hotel you are looking for, use their bidding system to find your room.  Winning bids are usually a savings of 40% to 60% off the regular price.
  2. Flexibility is the key.  If you are fortunate enough to be able to travel at anytime you will always be able to get the best deals.
  3. Pay Attention to the Winning Bids.  These bids are posted on the site and show the last few winning bids in the area that you chose.  I have been able to get great rooms by using the same winning bid or by bidding ten to fifteen dollars less.   
  4. Pay attention to the Star Ratings.  In my experience with their ratings are pretty accurate.  If you are expecting a Four Star rated hotel then that is what you should bid on, if not you may not be happy upon arrival.
  5. Be exact about the area.  If you are going to a large city make sure you know the area that you are searching in.  You could end up with a great room in an area that may not meet your standards or an area where there are no other venues for good eating or entertainment.
  6. Take advantage of extra days.  Once you have won the hotel room that you wanted; you will be offered extra nights if they are available.  If you are able to stay a few more days, why not indulge yourself a little while longer.

 Remember there are many other people out there looking for the same deals so keep that in mind and bid accordingly.  Final Tip:  You only get to bid once on the room using a specific criterion of your choosing without making any changes.  After the first bid you must change something (dates, location or star rating).  If you are not willing to make a change you must wait 24 hours to bid again.  Happy Bidding!