Almost all costumes are designed to fit people that fall within the “medium” height and weight range; however, only a small fraction of people fall within that medium height and weight range. There are actually hundreds of big and tall costume ideas to choose from; however, not many people are aware of all of these ideas. People that are bigger and taller than average seem to avoid dressing up for Halloween because they think that they will have trouble looking good in a costume.

The beauty of the big and tall costume ideas that you will find throughout this article is that tBatman Mens Costume For The Big And TallCredit: Amazon.comhey are designed to look great on people that are bigger and taller than average. These costumes are not necessarily meant for Halloween, but can be worn to a general or theme-specific costume party as well!

Wearing A Cape Such As Batman, Superman, And Dracula Are The Best Big And Tall Costume Ideas

A cape is the perfect costume accessory to cover up the sides of your body. Some men have large “love handles” and round sides that they want to shield from the public view; however, most costumes involve tucking a shirt into pants, which will actually flaunt those unwanted love handles and curves.Vampire Mens Big And Tall CostumeCredit:

Choosing to dress up as caped characters such as Batman, Superman, or Dracula will work wonders when it comes to covering up those love handles and curvy hips. I have scoured through the pages of the internet in search of big and tall costume ideas for men, and have yet to find a website that mentions the use of a cape to cover up love handles.

The one and only downside about these costumes is that they can only be worn by men. Of course, physically, men or women can dress up in these costumes. However, how would you react if you saw a woman walking around in a Superman costume?

Pirate Costumes Use Baggy Clothes To Cover Up Unwanted Curves

One of the most common tactics that big and tall people use to cover up their curves is wearing baggy clothes; moreover, this tactic can be applied to them dressing up in costumes as wMens Plus Size Pirate Costume(80724)Credit: Amazon.comell! There is one costume that has made its way onto the mainstream of Halloween and costume parties, yet still involves wearing a bunch of baggy clothes. Dressing up as a pirate is one of the most popular big and tall costume ideas, and can be worn by both men and women. The mainstream female pirate costumes are pretty revealing; however, there is no reason why a woman cannot wear the pirate costume that is featured in the photo on the right!

The beauty of wearing a costume with baggy clothes is that people will not know how close your skin is to the layer of clothing. For instance, a slender person could wear a baggy shirt as part of their Halloween costume and have a 4 inch gap between their skin and the shirt’s material; in the same manner, a chubby person could wear that same costume with baggy clothes, and only have a 1 inch gap between their skin and the shirt’s material. Wearing baggy clothes is one of the most deceiving big and tall costume ideas that has ever been thought up; it literally tricks people into not knowing whether you are larger than average or not!

Dressing Up As Someone In Jail Would Be Perfect For Big And Tall Men

This idea follows the same baggy clothing principle that was stated in the last paragraph.  In an Penitentiary Halloween Costume For Big And Tall MenCredit: Amazon.comattempt to save some money, jails and penitentiaries started creating one size fits all clothing for their prisoners; this notion to save money has made jailbird and penitentiary clothing some of the best big and tall costume ideas that you can find!

In addition, you will be pleased to know that the jailbird and penitentiary costumes (like the one shown in the picture to the right) are extremely inexpensive. The price of these big and tall costumes does not surprise me because it does not take much to design them and the material that is used is relatively thin. However, their price is an absolutely amazing thing if you are big or tall, and are looking to buy a Halloween costume on a budget! This is one of the best ideas for a big and tall costume because it allows you to be dressed up in clothing that will make you look smaller, as well as save some money at the register!

It May Seem Off-Season But Santa Clause Was A Big And Tall Person-A Very Funny Halloween Costume

You may have started laughing when you began reading this paragraph about wearing a Santa Clause Christmas Suit For HalloweenCredit: Amazon.comSanta Clause costume to a Halloween or costume party; however, it is a much better option that you can imagine! Santa Clause is a very tall character that is also slightly (greatly) overweight; in addition, Santa Clause’s suit is meant to be baggy, and hide his large belly.

What makes Santa’s suit one of the absolute best big and tall costume ideas is the fact that the material is extremely thick and soft. The thick and soft material that the Santa Clause suit is made up of will definitely hide those love handles and curves that I was speaking about in the previous paragraph.

This article does not contain all of the ideas for big and tall costumes; however, it does list and describe 4 diverse types of costumes for you to wear. There is a costume for men, women, wider, and taller people. To sum it up, I am sure that every person that reads through this will be able to find one big and tall costume to wear on this Halloween. Being bigger and taller than the average person is not a bad thing at all; it makes you unique and allows people to notice your positive features much easier. However, it can be quite difficult to find some great Halloween costumes to wear that will suit your bigger and taller features. This article was designed to alleviate that difficulty.