The Goal

There are many goals that can be achieved from following an effective workout routine such as, streight gains, improved athletic performance, or gaining muscle. If you are reading this article you are probably most interested in gaining muscle size, and quickly. This article will give you my favorite exercises for stressing the biceps as well as the triceps to help you get the big arms you want. 

The Biceps

Premiere Show Muscles

The biceps are essentially a show muscle, people like how big biceps look, and the reason many novice weightlifters begin to workout in the first place. 


What The Biceps Do

People often think that the main function of the biceps is to flex the elbow. The primary flexor of the elbow is actually the brachialis, with the biceps brachii being more of a secondary muscle used, unless the arm is fully supinated such as the hand position when you are doing a biceps curl. If you are interested in achieving strong arms, as well as big arms, it is important to train your elbow flexors in all three position: Overhand, underhand, and hammer. 

The Overhand (Reverse Grip) Curls

Grab a ez-bar curl bar in an overhand grip and rest the bar against your thighs. Forcefully bend your elbow, keeping your upper arms against your sides. Curl the bar upwards towards you chest, and pause momentarily at the peak position. 

Slowly return the bar in the same path that you curled it up, keeping your upper arms against your sides. Once you have returned to the starting position you have completed one repetition.

Repeat the movement for the desired number of repetitions. 

Reverse curls

The Underhand (Standard) Barbell Curl

Performing the barbell curl is very effective at training the biceps because it keeps your hands fully supinated in a position that will stress the biceps the most. 

The barbell curl is performed essentially the same as the reverse curl, except for this exercise you will be using the traditional underhand grip to do the curls. 

Barbell Curl

The Hammer Grip Curl

The hammer curl is an exercise that is perform as you would do a regular biceps curl, however the dumbbells are held in a hammer grip, which is exactly how it sounds, as if you were holding a hammer. Forcefully curl the dumbbell towards your chest, pausing momentarily at the top, then slowly return the dumbbell to your side. Repeat the movement with the other arm, and do the exercise for the desired number of repetitions. 

Holding the dumbbell in the hammer grip is very effective at training the strong elbow flexors and will help you develop strength that can be applied to everyday life. 


Hammer Curl


Perform these three exercises when you are training your arms to see a functional increase in strength and size, as well as an improvement in all your major lifts.