Here are Gift Ideas for Penny and Soft Kitty Fans

Penny, who has no last name (and according to the writers, never will have one), is the main female character on the popular CBS sitcom The Big Bang Theory.  Initially, she was the foil and problem solver for Sheldon and Leonard, her neighbors across the hall.  They made things complicated while she kept things simple.

Her on-again,off-again romance with Leonard is one of the recurring plot lines n the series. Although they are attracted to each other, they are not an intellectual match; Leonard has a Ph.D. and she didn't graduate from community college. This particular difference has been one of the central reasons for their relationship has been rocky.  However, at the end of season six in 2013, they appear to be on more stable ground.

Penny has even started to like the geeky things Leonard and the other guys do, as she hangs around them so much. She is popular with them, and very popular with her fans.  That is why Penny-centric soft kitty gifts are perfect for fans on your gift list.

Fun Facts About Penny

Penny Poster The Big Bang TheoryCredit:

Penny did not grow up in California, she is a farm girl from Omaha, Nebraska.  After breaking up with her longtime boyfriend, she moved into the apartment across the hall from Sheldon and Leonard. She is trying to become an actress,but landed a job at The Cheesecake Factory to pay her bills.  Her apartment is unkempt,which is the complete opposite of the guys.

Over the course of the past six years,viewers have learned a bit about her family.  Her brother makes his own meth, her sister has a son,and her dad's name is Wyatt.

Penny gets along with all of the guys in the group.  She is closest to Sheldon, whom she takes care of when he is sick.  They help each other out quite a bit.  Howard used to get on her nerves with his endless bad advances towards her.  Raj could never speak to Penny because he becomes mute in the presence of beautiful women-only when he is drunk is a conversation possible.  At the end of the sixth season, a sober Raj poured his heart out to Penny.

Sheldon's Favorite Lullaby


When Sheldon was a little boy, his mother would sing "Soft Kitty" to him when he was sick. Even as an adult, he still wants it to be sung to him.  

In this version of the song, Penny asks to sing the song a bit differently.  Sheldon, a creature of habit with OCD, has the most priceless expression in the following clip.

This Makes Me Laugh Every Time I Watch It!

The Origins of Soft Kitty

Many people are under the impression that the writers and creators of The Big Bang Theory made up the "Soft Kitty" song (kind of like Phoebe's "Smelly Cat"  from Friends.)  They did not!

According to a New Zealand blogger named Matty, this is an actual song!  It was published in a children's nursery songbook in 1937.  It was recorded in 2009 by Patsy Bryce for a children's album.  It's actual name is "Warm Kitty".[1]

Because kitty cats are warm and soft, many of the Soft Kitty gifts are meant to keep the chill away on cold days and nights.  Each one of them would delight the soft kitty  fan on your gift list!

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