Experiencing a piece of heaven here on earth once in a while is a good treat for the human spirit. A sight of a breathtaking sunrise, a picturesque view of the towering majesty of the Sierra, and the endless water games and outdoor recreations simply make life even more exciting for a local traveller.

Where else can adventurers find that kind of treat the whole-year round but only in a resort community located 80 miles northeast of Los Angeles, California. But before that look first for available big bear cabin rentals since this paradise is jam-packed with visitors any season of the year.

For a popular resort village, almost practically different kinds of properties for rent can be found there. But still the best spot is where the famous lake is located in.

Accommodations for this areas range from really huge and luxurious rental properties with nine bedrooms where family reunions can be held to bungalow-type houses with one bedroom each just enough for solo adventure seekers.

Exotic restaurants and memento shops are also located near the enormous bear-shape lake. Alternately, families can also cook inside their vacation house or go out and create a lasting bonding with their family over a meal that is authentic to the natives of Southern California.

If ever big bear cabin rentals near the lake are already reserved, the vacation houses in the woods can be just as thrilling as it is living a weeklong escapade near the lake's water.

It is the nearest forest city people can reach that gives a magnificent view of the morning sun. To make the best selection among big bear cabin rentals, consider the right size that can accommodate the entire group, the outdoor activities that the group prefer most, the landscape view, and of course, the rates' affordability for big bear cabins for rent. They also make great honeymoon vacation rentals.