With a slogan like "for the love of clean water", you know that Big Berkey Water Filters have peoples' best interests at heart. They're designed with the notion that not all water comes to us completely clean and pure. In fact, some water is contaminated with plenty of nasty chemicals, pesticides, and other bacteria which can lead to illnesses when consumed. These harmful contaminants tend to seep through the ground into natural water sources, and can make the water in lakes, ponds and rivers unusable. That is unless you've got a Big Berkey water filter!

The Big Berkey is the cream of the crop when it comes to water filtration systems. These water purification units are constructed of a beautiful 304 stainless steel, giving them that great polished silver look that matches most modern day kitchen appliances. The bottom of the unit has a spickett for getting water out, and a rubber lip on it to prevent scratching on your countertops. It's been recommended for multiple types of use such as camping, travel or emergency use in addition to use in your own home. You'll get plenty of uses out of this device in a great variety of situations, and it ranks highly among home water filters.

Standing at a height of 19.25 inches when it's being used, the Berkey consists of an upper and lower chamber plus a lid. The upper chamber will actually nest inside the lower chamber for portability, making the Berkey water filter a height of about 13 inches. You can configure it to have 2 filters inside or 4 filters total. To use it, you simply pour the untreated water in that you want to purify. Much like a Brita, the water will be pushed down through the filters into the lower chamber. Water can be purified within an hour's time, and the Big Berkey water purifier holds up to 2.25 gallons or 8.5 liters inside. It purifies up to 7 gallons of water an hour if you use the 4 filter configuration, and 3.5 gallons per hour using the 2 filters.

If I were to recommend just one great survival product in case of emergencies beyond a flashlight, it would be the Big Berkey water filter system. Ownership of this item will pay for itself many times over, not just in terms of saving money on buying water, but also in terms of giving you the gift of better health. It'll purify water from just about any source you can imagine, so it's useful wherever you may use it. The experts constantly tell us to consume at least 8 glasses of water a day. With a Big Berkey, you can drink those 8 glasses of water a day in their purest form so you can get your maximum health benefit!