Big Blue Water Filter

What are big blue water filters?

Big blue water filters come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and specifications depending on your water usage. But why would a person need to filter all of the water coming into their home? Whether you live in a large metropolitan area, or if you live in a rural area and get your water from a well, there are almost certainly contaminates in your water supply. The level at which the contaminates are in your water vary home to home, but with the low cost of installation of a whole house water filtration system, there is no reason not to be safe.

The benefits of a whole house water filter:

There are a number of known contaminates in your water including everything from low levels of bacteria and particles to chemicals purposefully put in the water from the utility company to kill those bacteria like chlorine, fluoride, and sulphur. In small amounts these chemicals have been shown to be relatively harmless. However with consistent consumption, chemicals like chlorine have been shown to cause certain types of cancer. The good news is that these chemicals can be easily removed with a simple and inexpensive carbon filter like the one in big blue water filters.

Why to install a whole house filter:

Faucet Mount FilterMost people recognize the benefits of water filtration and install some sort of filter on their drinking water supply, such as a Britta pitcher, or a faucet mounted filter. However the same chemicals that are harmful to ingest are also dangerous in other ways. Unfiltered shower water can dry out your skin, and damage your hair. Unfiltered water in the washing machine can reduce the life of clothing, and make them feel more coarse against your skin. Unfiltered ice cubes in your refrigerator unconsciously taint the water you worked so hard to keep safe.

Where to buy Big Blue Water Filters:

Because they are so reasonably priced, and so easy to install, big blue water filters are the easiest way to begin filtering all of the water in your house. You won't ever have to worry about the effects of contaminated water in your cooking, clothing, or on your skin and hair. There are a number of online retailers selling big blue water filters, however authority sites like are sure to stand behind their products. Because of the high volume purchasing power, authority sites are able to negotiate lower prices on products like the big blue water filter, and even ship it to you for free in most cases.

Installing a whole house water filter:

For those who are DIY inclined, installing a big blue water filter is a simple and mounting on the wall in line with the water supply coming into your house. You will have to find the master shut off valve while you are installing your new water filter which may require notifying the public utility company. If the task seems a little overwhelming, a good plumber should be able to install a big blue water filter in under one hour for around $150-300 dollars.