When searching the Info Barrel site today I came across many articles indicating lots of freelance writers are setting goals to earn the big bucks on the Info Barrel writing site for this year and was very happy to see this information.

 I read an article on another website related to Info Barrel and the revenue earned. The revenue earned drove me to the site and joining te Info Barrel community. The author of this particular site wrote 3 stories per day for one year and his earnings were over $1000 per month at the end of that year.

I have written many articles for the freelance author sites that I have joined and none seem to have the earning potential for articles as Info Barrel. Writers can make a great living writing online for money at this site. It can be done.

The author laid out a power plan to earn money writing online for each day, week and month over the next year and the business plan looked great. All of the business plans for make money with online writing are similar in general but different in distinct various ways.

 They are all dedicated, intelligent authors with a lot of experience in the writing community. The articles on the site they have authored are terrific and I don’t expect there to be an issue with earning that money they are including in their plan of attack.

 The writers have done their research and provided other authors to go for this same cherry on top of the sundae.

A very decent living can be made from freelance writing on the internet if you can break into the niche and find the success that many writers have found to make money writing online. Earning money online takes hard work and dedication to the plan or process which is what discourages many of the newbies to quit before they realize the earning potential that can be made.

For newbies, SEO, keyword content, AdSense, Alexia ratings, back links, driving traffic and marketing yourself and product are simply too much to absorb. There are no educational courses that you can take for making money online as a writer that can really prepare you for your career as an online author. You can learn how to write and write well from an online course resource. However, you must have the talent and dedication it takes to succeed as an online writer.

 Consider all the great people who could have been. Do you know of any? If so, you must know that through dedication and their talent they should have been successful. Though, many may have quit before their time or given up with the going got tough. They could have been extremely successful if they simply persevered and stuck to it. There is something to be said for making a plan of action and staying with it. The same can be said for making money online as a writer.

 Those authors that are dedicated to this year commitment or money commitment,  please share with us other authors where you are in your quest in the next six months or so. Inspire more to take the leap of faith and make a living at freelance writing.



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