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Staying in their own homes is very important to many seniors. But as you age, there are some frustrations that make some day to day activities difficult. This is where things like big button phones for seniors can help.

As technology has got more advanced, things just seem to be getting smaller, and things like the home telephone now have little tiny number pads on them that if you have big fingers it will be frustrating. Even my hubby looks at the tiny little keyboard that came attached to his new cell phone with frustration when he returns a text to someone, and he is not a senior. Everything is just tinier.

But for a senior, there can be double frustration as their eye sight is not what it once was, and trying to read tiny print anywhere without having to put on that extra pair of glasses is bad enough, but then the phone as well. So, many telephone manufacturers are going back to large style big number pad phones. With simple designs and much easier to use for them.

These have simply larger number buttons on their face, but many also include a large LCD screen, for that caller ID. I know with my mom by the time she went and found her extra glasses to see if she could see who was calling they had hung up! By having things just a bit larger it is better for seeing who is calling and for dialing out.

Even my own hubby was having trouble reading the tiny LCD screen on our home phone, and we are not seniors yet!. Everything is capable of being packaged smaller with electronics, so they go ahead a do it. Just look at the ipod for example. Great for convenience but now much easier to lose too!

By getting a larger button phone, this just makes one part of their life a little bit easier. No more calling the wrong number or trying to figure out who is calling them. Many of these come equipped with speaker phone too. You can also get portable ones.Big Button Phones For SeniorsCredit:

Electronic companies and especially the phone companies have become more aware of the aging population and some of their needs to make day to day life easier. So, when you are shopping for a new phone either for yourself or for the senior in your family, then consider a large number phone to help them stay in touch with people.

Otherwise, they may not use it, for fear of phoning the wrong number. They don’t need all those extra bells and whistles that many of the newer home phones have now. Having the larger LCD screen is helpful too, so they can decide if they should answer it at all. With the big button phones, it makes it easier to retrieve messages too. Plus most of these are lit so that they can be used in the dark.

Electronics have made things easier for people, and they keep getting better but also smaller. But for the senior that can be difficult to use. So, look for big button phones for seniors as a great aid to have in their home.


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Big Button Cell Phones for Seniors

Getting a larger number pad for the home phone is a great idea, but another wonderful gadget is the larger numbers on a cell phone too!  

Big Button Cell Phones for SeniorsCredit:

The numbers on the cell phones are very small, and anyone with poor eye sight can have a hard time with them, so getting one with a much larger number pad simply makes life easier especially for the senior.

There are many ways to make life easier as you get older, and so keeping fit is another one worth reading.

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