No repeller can beat the Big Cheese Sonic Cat Repeller; I lay my bet on it. I have used this one personally and I am so happy to have bought this Big Cheese - Cat Repeller. The features of this product are amazingly true and so useful. The Sonic Cat Repeller senses and repells cats, or for a fact any animal without even hurting them. It protects all the things that you want to keep away the cats from, right from flowerbeds to bird feeders, from lawns to ponds and even your new nursery. It's very easy to use as it works on battery power.

The Big Cheese Sonic Cat Repeller regularly supervises an area of a 98 degrees arc with the help of an integrated and sophisticated PIR (Passive Infra Red) system up to a distance of 12 meters. Eventually the area covered by this repeller is over 12sq. meters of unblocked space. The working is pretty easy to understand. The repeller detects the animals moving around in the working upon area and activates an explode of constantly changeable ultrasound which is at a frequency of 18,000Hz, 24,000Hz just to keep them away from the area.

There is also a LED display which in turn indicates whether the system is active or inactive. The Sonic Cat Repeller works on battery power and does not use less than two 9V alkaline batteries. The unused battery gets accumulated in the Passive Infra Red system thus making the battery life longer. To add it all, the unit is weather resistant and so can be used at all times during the year.

This product has been a blessing for me ever since it was delivered to me. I ordered it from Amazon and it came to me within 24 hours, I must say the service was really great and is much appreciated. There is nothing easier than the Big Cheese if you need to keep animals away from your home garden/lawn. This has been working great for me and the battery life of this product has been good too. I change the batteries once a month, and I think that's cool. I was so worried of my newly bought plants and I did have problem with the cats in the beginning, hushing hem away, but with Big Cheese cat repeller I am relaxed as I see great progress. I recommend this to people who are as worried as I am with my lawn and plants. This is a great product and has done wonders for me.