Fantastic imagery. This movie is how the world really should look. Even if you were just watching the movie on mute, there would be plenty to keep you entertained. The Big Fish movie is also one of the few Tim Burton films that isn't too dark or depressing.



Involved storyline  in this movie Big Fish isn't a movie that you can just watch casually while you work on your laptop. Even if you are watching it for the third or fourth time, you can get lost in the story. It demands all of your attention.

Full Review

Big Fish is a 2004 movie that stars Ewan McGregor. The basic story line is about a son trying to figure out what parts of his father's life are fiction & what parts are fact. It's a subject that many people will face in their lifetime, just presented in a fantastic way. Big Fish made a big splash at the time, but then quickly faded into oblivion. It was even nominated for an Oscar in the best original score category.

This movie has been classified as a romance, comedy, adventure, drama, & fantasy film. It doesn't really fit into any one category because it's like nothing else out there. This can be a pro or a con depending on how much you like plot twists & turns. It's a fantastic movie if you are looking for something new, or you want a different way of looking at the world.

In Closing


Say what you will about the Big Fish dvd, but at least it's different. There aren't enough star ratings in the world to give this film.