Do you know what thinning shears are? I didn’t until recently because I wouldn’t have thought anyone would want to do something like that. Thinning shears are basically a pair of hair scissors where the blade is shaped like a comb. The point is to cut not all the hair that comes between the blades but to evenly cut lots of small strands. That way, the hear gets artificially thinner.

Thinner? Yes, people actually want this. One would have thought, with all the pills and solutions out there along with the enormous market they create, that people only want their hair to get thicker and not thinner. Well having thick hair is apparently quite a hassle to take care of, especially when you grow it long as well. I suppose it’s the same as with curly vs straight, people want what they don’t have and curse what they do have.

Big hair is better

That little opening about the thinning shears is an illustration of how so many people treat their hair - a beautiful part of the human body - as if it were just weed that needs to be cut down or at least made to cooperate with social norms. Well, fortunately, not everybody shares this view. Many people still like and always will like big hair styles - meaning styles with lots of volume. Unfortunately not enough in my opinion. Big hair is a very underrated hairstyle in my view and I wish there were (literally) a lot more of it in every day life as well as in the ivory towers of fashion.

Why is it underrated?

Perhaps this cutting down and straightening frenzy is really more about control and conformity - much like the weight craze that lead so many women to diet themselves into illness. The need to fit in, comply and follow the rules is understandable, but to subject your own body to this is going too far. And it’s not like you can’t compromise. Especially with hair styles, there are countless options for smoothing down or pulling back thick or voluminous hair so it won’t look messy or unruly.

The other thing to it is that the more ‘normal’ (i.e. average) you are, the less likely you are to encounter somebody that dislikes you. Big hair is a good example. Some people just won’t like it and by wearing such a style, you expose yourself to the risk of having someone not like your look. but with ‘average hair’ that risk is smaller because, even if people don’t like it, they’re not going to have strong feelings about it since there’s nothing noteworthy or memorable for them to feel strong about. In other words, going for the normal look as opposed to a high volume look is the safer option if you want to be liked by as many people as possible.

What if you have naturally thin hair?

In this day and age there are many ways and means to achieve the look you want. Granted, if you’re bald, then the only way to get lots of hair fast is with a wig. But if you just have thin hair, and it’s long enough, you can create volume with varying degrees of effort (and expense). The easiest is to curl or crimp your hair. If you have straight hair, this will most likely make it look very full - depending on the method. Basically, the smaller the curl, the bigger the end result.

The other alternative is extensions. Sure they aren’t cheap and you need a certain length but they certainly can achieve impressive results. Of course they don’t last too long. That combined with the expense makes it a hassle for most people. But there’s no reason not to give it a try once just to see how it looks and feels.