Big Suits for Big Hips: Dress for Success?


  I work for a company that likes it's employees to dress professionally.  No jeans and tee shirts at this job!  Sometimes, there are important meetings to go to and I need to look my impressive best.  This can be difficult as I have trouble finding clothes to wear that say "impress" and "business-like" at the same time.  It's not that the suits aren't out there - I can't always find one that will work with big hips.  If I want a suit with pants, the pants never fit correctly.  If they fit on the hips they are very loose around the waist - and if they appear to fit around my waist, guaranteed I won't be able to get them up over my hips to find out.  Now, if I can find pants that actually fit my figure, it's a great way to hide big hips while still looking a bit curvy.  Pants with no embellishments work best, including no pockets, or very flat pockets.  This is generally not a problem with dress pants.  Wide legged dress pants work well, too, even if they are in lighter colors.  Sometimes it's nice not having to wear black, navy blue, or brown pants.  Of course, pants that fit like this tend to be a bit more pricey, not always a problem when I'm buying clothes for work.  The problem is the time involved looking for pants like this and trying them on.  And if I don't find a pair that fits well in the crotch area, that's another bad thing.  It makes sitting down difficult, and pants too tight in the crotch make hips stand out even more. I don't mind buying tops online because they have a fairly good chance of fitting well.  Big pants for suits for my big hips are another story.

  Which leaves a suit with a skirt.  From my research, it seems the best length for a skirt is just above the knee.  This will not only cover the hips but any leftover heaviness that has slid into the thigh area.   I've also found that a skirt in the right cut will not only minimize my hips, it will be easy to get on over my hips and not look all scrunched up around the waist.  Considering a skirt or pair of pants should be a little loose around the waist for comfort in the work place, especially if you do a lot of sitting, and a nice suit jacket can cover some of this up, a big suit for big hips for the workplace is a good investment.   Skirts, and even pants, in pinstripes are another slenderizing illusionist trick.  So are skirts with a small slit in the side.  A-line skirts paired with high heels are especially nice for work suits for big hips.  I can often find these ensembles with an A-line skirt - dark - and a suit jacket in a style that minimizes my big hips.  Adding the high heels is a bonus at slenderizing my look.  I can wear suit jackets with wide colors and padded shoulders if I like because they draw attention to my bust rather than my hips.   One thing I definitely don't want is a suit jacket that lands right at my hips!  Talk about an attention grabber!  Suit jackets with a straight classic cut work best, especially ones that don't land hip length. 

  High heels are not the only accessory that can make or break a big suit for a woman with big hips.  Darker stockings work well at providing that slimming look.  A light colored top under the suit jacket, with a print or pattern that says "Look at me!" will take attention off the hips and onto your bust.  And let's not forget purses!  A huge heavy pocketbook will just add more inches to your hips; a smaller, inconspicuous handbag doesn't.  Jewelry can work for you, too, and I don't mean hip hoops or studs.  Small, flashy earrings, a nice necklace perhaps, will work at keeping attention above the waistline. 

  All in all, it's not too difficult to dress for success with a business type suit for big hips if you are female.  It just takes a little work which you don't get paid for, but in the end, it might pay off for you when you get a nice promotion or something.  Just remember to keep the bottoms dark and add a little something up top.  You'll have the perfect look for a suit for big hips in the workplace