Big Time Gangster For Android Review

Big time Gangster is a fun and a free game on the android market. Made by Glu, it is a game where you control  a group of thugs who take over a run-down neighborhoods building by building. The gangsters are equipped with weapons and face down computer-controlled rival gangs.

Thugs, weapons, and special items like health packs all cost virtual cash or "cred", the premium currency, and are in short supply unless the player pay s real money to obtain these items. Instead of running out of a daily supply of energy like in Contract Killer,which is another free game made by Glu, in BTG, one can make as many moves as needed, provided the gangsters don't get shot taking over new turf.

Out of a score of 5 give it a 4.5. Why.....

  • The game has great interface and design
  • few glitches
  • The game is free
  • The game is constantly updated
  • The game has a great storyline and few ads.
  • There is always something new in the game so you never get tired.
  • However, some drawbacks:
  • Money and creds are in short supply. It takes days to progress far into the game unless you are buying money and creds with real money.
  • You don't actually fight
  • You get tired of waiting for gangsters to return from missions
  • You can't do much unless you have enough tonic which takes a while to accumulate.

How To Play

Big Time Gangster is an easy game to play. Simply start with 2 gang members and fight to win more territory.  Once a territory is won, collect its revenue. There is also a casino to win free prizes like guns and money.  Once you progress in the game you can buy more gang members,guns,power ups and much more.


Fighting is a different area of the game, that allows for territory acquisition which enables building revenue:


When fighting, the game will switch to a street-level view, with the players' gangsters on one side and rivals opposite. You have to tap quickly on the enemies to help the players' gangsters shoot faster. The stronger gang, wipes out the rivals and takes over their building, which means you can return to collect protection money from it every hour or so. If you lose the fight your gangsters will die and you will have to wait until they heal which could take anywhere from 30 minutes to a day. You can buy health packs and other accessories to use on your gangster to win the fight. You have to buy and equip the health packs and accessories before the fight though.

The problem is that while these street battles look pretty good,tapping feverishly, doesn't feel like fighting, especially when you automatically miss a lot of the time. By comparison, the action in games like Gun Bros and Contract Killer is much more precise,If you're not fighting, all you're doing is either collecting payments, spending money on new gear, or sending your gangsters on timed missions.

Expanding Territory

   To explore Territory scroll the map and zoom in and out tap each crib to see who you are up against. The cribs with a pistol over them are the easiest to beat. There are 3 types of territorys: Hospitals which when owned help your gangsters heal faster,Labs which give you tonic that you can use for each mission and cribs which give you money. You can also buy new headquarters which give you luxury points. In this game which has some of the best graphics on the market you have the ability to collect luxury points which you can use to give your gangster more health. You collect crystal by upgrading your headquarters. For instance for 31,000 dollars you can buy a car that gives you 5 luxury points. You only need four to get 25 hp so you can keep an extra one.


Tips for playing

  • Go to the casino everyday to win free prizes.

  • If you have extra Tonic then fight in the arena to win money and have the chance to win a Gold Hammer which is the best gun in the game.

  • Send gangsters on missions before you go to sleep so when you wake up they are back and fighting.

  • Try not to buy too many weapons Wait until you get some from the casino or until you unlock the higher up weapons to buy. I only bought 2 weapons from level 1-17 a gloch which you have to buy in the tutorial and a ak gorilla.

  • Spend your money on getting more gangsters. The more gangster the better. Instead of buying weapons to advance to the next neighborhood I waited and bought another gangster and gave him a gun I got from the casino and won the neighborhood.

  • Give the gangsters with the higher HP the better weapons. Don't give your weakest gangster the most expensive weapon you have they die quicker.

  • Start each fight with the gangsters you own who have the highest HP.


  • If you have luxury points to use then use them on the gangster you own with the most hp so far so he or she can be even stronger.


so that's it if you have a android device get Big Time Gangster. You will not regret it.