Are you looking for a big wooden Barbie doll house with elevator, fun glitter exterior and tons of great furniture for hours of decorating fun? Since the beginning of time, young girls have been fascinated with the make-believe world that they can create with their "pretend" familes. Doll houses that come with girl-pleasing accessories  will make her want to spend all day playing with her dolls and using the gift of her imagination. That is the best benefit of playing with toys, children learn to set up social scenarios that help them grow creatively.

KidKraft Sparkle Mansion
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(price as of Oct 1, 2013)
If you are looking for a really big and plush product that is made of good-quality wood, the Sparkle Mansion just might be what you are looking for. Yes, that's right. This is much more than a house; it's a mansion!

I think I would have jumped for joy to have had such a great house to put my dolls in when I was a young girl. Here are some of the features that the wooden Kidcraft Dollhouse Mansion comes with:
* Made of sturdy composite wood materials
* Works for dolls up to 12 inches tall
* 30 pieces of furniture are included with purchase
* Big enough for several kids to enjoy at the same time
* The elevator feature takes Barbie and her friends from the first floor to the second floor
* It comes with an outdoor patio for chatting, sun bathing or just hanging out
* Has a backyard area with swimming pool and grill
* The interior has a spiral staircase
* House comes with 2 doors that open and close
* Gets positive customer reviews on

Big Wooden Barbie Doll Houses Last A Long Time

When it comes to doll houses that are either made for Barbie or are appropriate for her, there are many different sizes, themes and price ranges to choose from. Some parents buy the smaller, portable versions so the kids have something to take to Grandmas house to play with. Small houses are great; they are perfect for "starter" houses. The only downside to plastic toys is how hard kids can be on them. Even little plastic  Barbie houses are not inexpensive. People that want a doll house purchase to last a while often choose wooden versions. Some do it to pass down from one generation to the next. Wooden doll houses are best in a permanent spot, just like a real home.

The Big Wooden Barbie Doll House With Elevator Is A Great Gift Idea

You can only imagine hKidcraft Sparkle Large Wooden DollhouseCredit: happy a young girl would be to get a huge doll house that comes with fun features like tons of furniture pieces, elevators, swimming pools and spiral staircases for her dolls. Owning a lot of smaller fold-up houses can be a hassle and not so much fun to cleanup and put away. The mansion featured here is incredibly roomy. A girl would have to have a LOT of Barbies to need more than one mansion. I love this doll house. It makes a great converstation starter and is the perfect toy for inviting friends over to play. Although technically it isn't made specfically for Barbie, it works for all dolls her size. Having a big wooden Barbie doll house is probably something that many little girls wish they could have in their bedrooms at home.