As a big man myself I understand how hard it can be to find clothes. If you are a big and tall guy and need clothing to fit you then you probably have to shop online like I do. There are a lot of cool places to shop for us big guys but I really like Amazon does not jack up the price like many other big and tall clothiers. Here is a big and tall outfit you can buy if you like the traditional Lumberjack look. Gosh I sure miss the Nirvana, Grunge, and the 90’s.

Logging Boots

The first step to any lumberjack outfit for big and tall guys is to get a pair of Logging Boots. If you have a larger than normal foot you can find logging boots in extended sizing on Amazon. The Carolina Logging Boots showed here are available up to size 18 and in various widths. If you have a big foot and need boots then the best pricing and availability is on Amazon.

Men's Carolina® EH Vibram Loggers Black, BLACK, 15EE
Amazon Price: $184.95 Buy Now
(price as of Nov 18, 2016)


The difference between looking like Paul Bunyan and Valery Asratyan is very small. In order to look like a logger and not a serial killer you need to be sporting some flannel shirts. Walmart sucks at having big sizes available so if you need flannel in big man sizes then you need to shop online.

The Foxfire Big and Tall Premium Flannel Plaid Shirt is available up to size 6XL tall. If you need a big shirt for a big man then you need the Foxfire Big and Tall Premium Flannel Plaid Shirt. The Foxfire Big and Tall Premium Flannel Plaid Shirt actually runs a bit small so order the next size up.


You have got be a sporting denim jeans if you want to have the lumberjack look. Have you ever seen Ax Men or American Loggers on television? If so then you know that loggers still wear denim jeans most of the time so you need some denim. The size and style you buy is up to you. There are numerous sizes and styles available online.


Some people prefer thick wool socks and other people prefer ankle socks. Depending on what type of logger boots you buy you may find thicker socks to be more comfortable. If you bought logger boots insulated then you may get by just fine with basic white cotton thin socks.