Big thighs and Calves: Are You Ashamed?

Some people are ashamed to have big thighs and Calves whilst others think they're sexy. If you are ashamed and like so many women you have been trying to do something about it, you need to know that losing weight doesn't always mean you will have smaller thighs and calves. That is because at times there are body locations where getting rid of fat is almost impossible.

There are people who go on a weight loss program because they feel they have big fat legs. Some women end up being flat-chested but still keep their larger lower body shape.

There are a lot of exercises you can do to tone your big legs but that doesn't guarantee that they will become smaller. A lot of people confuse having toned lower body to looking slimmer. If you've been observant enough, you would have noticed that female athletes tend to have large thighs and depending on the person, big to average calves.

If nature didn't give you the body of your dreams, there is no need to despair. Some people who can afford it will go will to the extent of having plastic surgery. This is a solution that might work for some, but you need to be willing to pay for it. Another thing about going down this road is that the doctor will never guarantee that fat accumulated on your big thighs and calves will not come back. There is also the problem that you might not be pleased with the results. That is why learning to live with what you have and trying to lose weight is one of the best ways to reduce the size of your lower body.

Being ashamed of your body because you have big thighs and calves can also be due to the image propagated by the celebrity culture. At times, you might be reminded about the way you look when you try to buy winter boats and they don't fit because of your big calves. There is another issue that some people experience, that is the finding it hard to buy good fitting jeans.

Your big thighs or large lower body part is mainly a cultural thing. In some Latin American countries, women are actually proud of their curves. The way you will feel about yourself will also reflect the way you dress and you should not let others dictate how you should feel about yourself.


Thighs Bigger than Hips


Nature can be cruel at times and what you want is never what you get. There are those who have beauty and brains but likely suffer from some form of mental illness. There are others who seem just to have it all but have a big secret hidden in the closet. There are those with thighs bigger than hips and they think the lord dealt them a bad hand. The list is just endless and the more you begin to analyze the peculiarities of each individual the more you will feel sorry for some people. Having thighs bigger than your hips is not the end of the world. That is what most skinny women will say because they can just walk into any store and buy whatever they want. The skinny girl can put on her lovely swimsuit with confident. Life isn’t so easy for women with big thighs.


Why? Because I say so!


Some of the readers here will be thinking, is that really possible? Can your thighs be bigger than your hips? What does a woman with bigger thighs than hip really look like? Yes so many questions but too little imagination.


It is so annoying when you finally decide to do something about your weight and you start dieting only to discover you lose fat where you don’t want to. My thighs are not bigger than my hips but I still feel that my body is missing something. I wish I could wake up and all the excess fat will be gone. There are times when fat women say they hate skinny women who eat a lot and never gain weight. I don’t hate skinny women; I just despise them when some of them try to encourage me to exercise. I already know what I need to do and I don’t need any help. I don’t hate been fat or voluptuous as I like to say. From time to time however, I just wish I can be a little smaller. I feel for all the women out there with thighs bigger than their hips. Having large legs is already a problem but having to deal with that is just not right.


The problem is that there are things that dieting can’t even solve. Exercising videos with all those toned women is a scam in my book. I want to see a fat woman with large thighs or hips make a video and show me how it’s done.



Big Thighs Small Calves: Is it a Curse?


A lot of women like big things. There are very few women who like big thighs with small calves. Some men will gladly ogle any curvy women with thighs and small calves. That said, the western society seem to think small toned lower body part is the epitome of beauty.  That is why there are almost no supermodels the size of Nigella Lawson. The interesting thing is that a lot of men think Nigella is hot and will gladly dump their skinny wife if she was available. That is such a disgusting thought. A lot of plus size women think a real woman has curves. That might be true but that will also imply that natural slender women with small thighs and small calves are freaks.


Women are funny and can be a little mean when they want to fit into a category but they can’t put down their fried chicken. I am one of those who think big thighs small calves women are just as beautiful as anyone. That said, it is a little embarrassing to see a plus size woman in mini dress trying to show off her legs. It is embarrassing because it is hard to pull off when you are that big. The great thing about that is, no matter how short your plus size mini dress might be, nobody will get to see you underwear because your thighs will be all over the place. There is also the problem of having sore thighs because of the constant friction your body generates.


At times some plus size short women try to be sexy by wearing high heels. That is not a problem but if you don’t know how to work it, don’t do it. That said, I admire women who are self confident enough to wear whatever they want without taking other’s opinion into consideration. What else can a woman do if nature didn’t help in the first place? You are not going to lock yourself up and pretend the world doesn’t exist.


Having big thighs and small calves is not a curse and a lot of men can’t get enough of it like I can’t get enough of chocolate ice cream. It can be a curse if you want to dress like skinny women when you definitely are not. That said, it is your life and it is your body so you can do whatever you want with it.