They say bigger is better, but does that apply to us?

I think not.

In a country where the average height of a woman hovers around 5' 5", and a world that averages a female height of about 5' 6" (generously), there is a group of women that stands out. As a woman myself, standing right at a sturdy six feet tall, I know I cannot be the only one. After all, I've come from a long line of tall men and women. In fact, looking at my family tree, I'm relatively short. Yet everywhere I go, I seem at least a head taller than the other women (and some men, in fact) around me. 

"I dream of being as tall as you someday." A girl at a coffee shop told me the other day. I just laughed and told her to keep dreaming because being tall is more annoying than one would assume. Well that conversation got me thinking; I am not the only one. Obviously there are other women who have trouble finding clothing, shoes, and getting stares from the surrounding faces when all they want to do is blend in. 

Denim sizes... just because we are tall should not dictate that we are overweight. Getting a pair of jeans that is long enough typically means that the clothing will be too large in the waist. Just right in the waist? Well then you're wearing "clam diggers", and I don't think that's been in style since... well I can't remember an instance where that's ever been really cool. Skinny jeans? Jeggings? I don't know where that trend started, but I'll tell you it's never been more difficult to find a pair of simple bootcut jeans. If you're above 5' 11", you have probably experienced my next point, which makes putting on tight skinny jeans tiresome---big foot syndrome. 

Having a size 11 shoe size means your feet probably have trouble poking through a small foot-hole in a pair of skinny jeans. Having large feet also means you have a hard time finding shoes that don't look like something you'd run around a hospital with if you were a nurse. Now I'm not saying anything against a nursing occupation, that's absurd... but do nurses typically wear their work shoes outside of the hospital? Probably not. So why do we women with large feet need to be stuck with styles that look orthopedic, bleached white, or just out-dated and bland? 

Tell me if I'm alone, but not all of us can afford to shop at a place like Nordstrom's where they'll find you the size you want in any shoe... at any cost. While Nordstrom's (and others like them) will cater to you and your size requirements, we can't all afford to drop a few hundred bucks on a pair of shoes when we feel like picking up a new accessory for our feet. I've got to say, one of my favorite stores is Forever 21. And while they have a variety of clothing, accessories, and shoes... their variety in shoe sizes cuts off at a size 10. What about the 11's and 12's of the country... and world for that matter? Well what about the brick-and-mortar stores of your town or city? Places like Wal-Mart, Target, Payless, and others like them? Wal-Mart? Well if you are a nurse, and you need comfortable, white shoes for the hospital, this is the place to go (if you want to support that corporation, which I wouldn't). But if you're looking for something with a bit more class and quality, I'd move on to Target. 

Now while Target's choice is somewhat better than other affordable stores, they're still not extensive. However, for 11's and 12's, I have found a considerable number of pumps, heels, sandals, and flats at Target. Their prices? Affordable and reasonable, especially if you wait for an end-of-the-season sale. The colors are striking, the styles are cute, and with the affordability, you may want to pick up a few pairs.

Payless? Very disappointing. Not because of their prices or styles, but because of the limited sizes. Some stores even offer larger sizes and choice online, but Payless has about the same selection online as in-store. And it's not incredibly impressive for the 11's and up. Especially if you have an obscure need like an 11 or 12 wide size.

So as far as clothing and shoes go, it seems we larger women will need to keep frequenting the thrift stores for those obscure sizes that others have off-loaded from who-knows-where. Until, that is, the market starts to include us more into their selections. Or we come into some extra spending cash for places like Nordstrom's. If you know of places that cater to taller women, please comment below!