We have all been guilty of sitting in front of a computer monitor longer than we should. For many, work is the reason; for others, it is just time spent playing games, reading emails or researching information. Whatever the reason you sit in front of the computer monitor, stores like RadioShack and Computer Geeks can help make your life better with a larger monitor. If you are unsure if a bigger monitor is really better and wonder if upgrading is right for you, take a look below at some of the reasons why you should go bigger when it comes to your computer monitor.

1. Better On Your Eyes

Staring at a computer screen can be tough on your eyes, no matter what size the screen. The larger the screen will allow you to expand the desktop and create a theme with larger fonts to make it easier on your eyes. If you have to strain to read the information on your monitor, then you can actually be damaging your eyes. After long periods of time staring at a small one, you can develop headaches, become dizzy and even suffer long term damage to your eyes.

2. Gaming Is Better

For those who spend time gaming on their computers, they will appreciate the larger monitor for the graphics. Being able to expand the size of your playing field can really help to bring a game to life. Even if you are not a serious gamer and only use the computer to play games occasionally, the upgrade will be worth it.

3. Easier To Edit Images

If you love to place your favorite photos on your computer and spend hours editing them, sharing them and creating printing jobs, then a larger computer monitor will make your hobby easier and more enjoyable. With a large computer screen, you can even enjoy creating a slideshow out of your images and turning your desktop into a display of all your family, friends and favorite places.

4. Can Double as a Television

You might not realize that there are many sites available where you can watch your favorite television shows right from your computer. There are even movie sites, such as NetFlix, that allow you to watch movies from your computer. You might have a large screen television in your home, but how nice would it be to have one that is mobile? You can find laptops with large screens that make watching television or movies from your computer more enjoyable. Desktop monitors can be as large as your flat screen that is hanging on your bedroom wall. You can hook your monitor up directly to your television to watch your favorite shows in real time. When travelling, you can take along your laptop and watch what you want, when you want through the free online sites and subscription sites. If you are planning on upgrading your monitor to something larger for any of the reasons above or for reasons of your own, check out the Internet for some great deals.