What Constitutes Having the Largest Collection of Comic Books?

Do you know someone who is an avid item collector? Or are you a devoted item collector yourself? There are many items or things that people collect or are considered as collectors’ items. For example, there are the coins, postage stamps, postcards, sports cards, and comic book collections that collectors accumulate and there are also the more lucrative ones like paintings, sculptures, antiques and cars, among others. So, here’s a question, who has the most accumulated collector items in the world?

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Comic books are one of the items that many collector enthusiasts like to gather mostly because it is fun and interesting especially for fans of comic book characters. Do you know anyone who has the biggest comic collection or are you aware of the institution or person that has the largest collection? When it comes to the biggest comic collections, there are many options that you can check out. There are libraries around the world that feature an extensive and amazing collection of comic books and materials. On the other hand, there are also private institutions or persons that accumulate their own private collections.

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For instance, one of the biggest comic collections features a very extensive and wide array of comics that include among others, newspaper clipping of comic strips, art comics, superhero comic books, adventure comic books, as well as, periodicals, history, critics, and news about comic books and stories. Most comic book collections come from United States comic book publications with the following top publishers: Marvel, DC, Fleetway, Crossgen and DC Thomson.

Mr. Brett Chilman

Although there are libraries or other institutions that have accumulated hundreds of thousands of comic books, you may be wondering about private comic collections of people. According to the Guinness World Record, Mr. Brett Chilman has the biggest comic collections that are owned privately.

Chilman is an Australian who has been collecting comic books for about 30 years and now have over 68, 000 comic books in his privately owned collection. He has stored his amazing private collection throughout two houses and is still planning on adding to his collection so he is building more rooms to accommodate his incoming treasures.

To this day, his comic collection is worth over $1.3 million. Chilman, also known as “The Comic Book Guy” mentioned that he can purchase about a thousand comics in one transaction and already in negotiation for another buy while his most recent purchase is being shipped.

There are many libraries, for instance in the United States that feature hundreds of thousands of comic book collections than Chilman but his private comic collection is more impressive because he collected them using his own resources without outside help and libraries cannot say the same.