Below is a month-by-month outlook for the biggest movies for the upcoming summer of 2011.  I've included a quick summary and a trailer for each movie.


Pirates of the Carribean: On Stranger Tides

The Pirates of the Carribean franchise is the definition of a box office moneymaker.  Most agree that the movies haven't been the same since the first one, but Jonny Depp and company continue to roll them out and continue to make loads of money on these always action packed movies.  The girl this time around.....Penelope Cruz.


The Hangover 2

When The Hangover came out a couple of years back, no one could have expected the box office success and critical praise that it received.  The critical praise even included a Golden Globe win for Best Comedy or Musical.  There is no doubt that the movie was hilarious, but comedy sequels are rarely released these days and living up to as big of a movie as the original, is going to be a tough climb, but maybe they can pull it off.  Whatever the case, they are definitely going to cash in.



X:Men First Class

It's been a few years since X-Men three ended a solid trilogy sequels of our favorite comic book mutants.  Now Marvel has returned with a prequel and they don't look to have held back from has become a pretty big franchise in its own right.


Super 8

One of our favorite science fiction directors who has brought us many great TV shows and films in the past 10 years.  His last big Sci-Fi flick, Star Trek was a big hit to say the least and from the looks of this trailer, Super 8 could be one big flick this summer.



Transformers: Dark Side of the Moon

The sequel to Michael Bay's awesome opening act to the Transformers series was one of the biggest disappointments in the past 10, maybe 20 years.  However the opening movie was so big and so spectacular that the 3rd movie could easily bring the franchise back on track to a 4th or 5th movie.   I personally don't like a lot of Bay's movies due to the acting, but his action is always top notch and I doubt this movie will be any different.


Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II

The final piece of the Harry Potter story.  The movies have been just as good as the books according to most and the finale looks like it could be the best yet.  The bigger question is however, is it really the finale?  According to JK Rowling, there may be some additional books lined up, and that of course would be mean new movies of course.  There is to much $$$ at stake.

Captain America: the First Avenger

There is no doubt that Marvel is going to continue milk all of their biggest heros for all that their worth and make big money off of them.  And Captain America is most definitely one of their biggest.  We'll see how receptive the world is to C.A. though.  I'm sure it will battle with the best of them in a jam packed July though.

Cowboys and Aliens

To say Cowboys and Aliens is original is a dramatic understatement.  Quite simply the title explains it all.  Add some cool weapons and an awesome cast, including present day James Bond himself, and you've got Cowboys and Aliens.


War Horse

Steven Spielberg can pretty much do anything he wants in Hollywood these days, and he has accomplished just about everything one Director wants in a career.  Now, he's finally returning with his first movie since the so-so Indiana Jones a few years back.  There's no doubt the Spielberg name will easily make this a $200 million dollar movie in August.

(There is no trailers for this movie yet)


Conan the Barbarian

Arnold isn't back yet, but a remake of his classic Conan movie is.