Ladies, there are certain behaviors that can really turn your boyfriend off and you might not even be aware of them. One of the biggest turn off is being an obsessive girlfriend. Do you really want to be the creepy, obsessive girlfriend that sends guys running away? Here are a few of the things that you might be doing which will turn you into your boyfriend's worst nightmare.

Constant Calling, Texting, And Talking

Nothing is more irritating for men than getting constant texts and calls from his girlfriend. It is normal and understandable to want to talk to your boyfriend, but calling or talking to him incessantly can be a huge turn off. If you find yourself doing this, you might be turning into an overly attached girlfriend. Remember that there is a huge difference between calling or sending a message to talk and calling to know where he is and what he is doing every hour of the day.

Picking And Choosing His Friends

Does he have friends whom you are not comfortable with? Does he have friends whom you believe are not a good influence in his life? It is okay to talk to him about his friends but constantly mocking and disrespecting his friends won't endear you to him. Additionally, you must try not to pick and choose his friend for him. You must also try not to isolate your boyfriend from his friends because this can lead to huge problems.

Stalking And Breaking Into His House

Not only are these behaviors and acts creepy, they are also against the law. Breaking into his house without his permission is considered trespassing, even if you are his girlfriend. Doing so is a huge turn off for most men and it can send your guy running in the opposite direction. Remember that no one wants to be stalked and no one wants their privacy invaded. If you start stalking and breaking into his house, you need to control your feelings before he calls the cops and file a restraining order against you.

Treating Him Like A Child

Although being cared for and loved is a good thing, you don't want your boyfriend to feel like you are treating him like you would a child. In addition, you must avoid scolding him or insulting when you are in public or in front of his friends. It is best to talk about the issues in your relationship in private and remember to respect him as an individual. Don't act as if you own him.

These are just a few of the biggest turn offs that can send your boyfriend running for the exit. If you want to enjoy a healthy relationship, you must check your behavior and your feelings.