The Rise of the Bike Lights, Helmet Camera, Action! Trend

Helmet cameras are a great accessory and growing in popularity, whether as an added precautionary measure to compliment the use of bike lights and safety equipment, used to capture the thrill of a mountain bike expedition, or to catalogue a journey of great distance. The helmet camera captures all the action from your point of view, offering the best possible way to share and relive your personal experience, for whatever the reason. Advancements in design now see helmet cameras offering top end features, such as high definition quality and wireless technology. Of course, your own personal reasons for indulging in a spot of bike lights, camera, action! will determine what features suit you best, from the camera design, to mounting options, battery life and general overall quality.

Helmet Cameras as an Added Safety Measure

As a regular cyclist, following the law with regards to bike lights and safety measures is a must. Being clearly seen by other road users is paramount to ensuring personal safety and avoiding negligence claims in the event of accidents. An unfortunate reality is that Britain’s roads can be dangerous. And as a regular commuter you may feel that bike lights and high visibility clothing are not enough. Recent years have seen a rise in the number of commuter cyclists making use of helmet cameras as an added precaution for their journeys. In the event of a road accident, the cyclists point of view is captured on film and can be used as evidence in a court of law. In general, the use of a helmet camera for this purpose does not require additional features offered by top end products. A simple bullet shaped design, easily mounted and inconspicuous, with a relatively wide angle lens to capture the most action will suffice. Be cautious not to use too wide of an angle however. This can lead to peripheral distortion, with a ‘fisheye’ quality to the image, making distances and speed hard to judge.

Bike Lights, Helmet Camera, Action! for Prosperity

Avid mountain biking enthusiasts may wish to indulge in a helmet camera to capture the thrill and excitement of their rides or to use the footage as a reference point to familiarise themselves with the ins and outs of certain trails. Added extras such as image stabilisers and shock proof casing are appropriate considerations for such usage. Also, take into account alternative mountings if your helmet is already fitted with bike lights for night time riding. Charity bikes rides are also another great reason to equip yourself with a helmet camera. Often emotional and character building experiences, capturing the journey on film will allow you to share the event with others or, for those with real bike lights, camera, action! fever, why not turn your hand at producing mini documentaries or promotional materials to support your favourite causes.