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The JedediaJedediah Trailh Smith Memorial Trail, named so after the well-known fur trapper and explorer of the early 19th century, Jedediah Smith, is situated between the water junction of two rivers, the American and the Sacramento River, a bit north of Beal’s Point near Folsom Lake and downtown Sacramento, California.  The bike path is more commonly referred to as the American River Bike Trail, and after falling into disrepair for years, it was restored and revived as a popular route for bike enthusiasts, and is enjoyed by nearly five million people a year.

The bike route boasts a diversity of wildlife, and a host of noteworthy attractions such as a scaled-down replica of the San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge, called Guy West Bridge; Sacramento State University; Discovery Park; the Fair Oaks walking bridge, a truss bridge that connects the walking bridge to greater Sacramento, and is used primarily by cyclists and pedestrians; the Nimbus Fish Hatcher and several other notable area benchmarks.

Fred Meijer Heartland Trail, a picturesque winding trail nestled right in the heart of Michigan, will take the cyclist on a dreamy ride through very scenic postcard-like towns of Stanton, Sidney, McBridge, Greenville, and Edmore.   The trails inter-connect and meet at different points in the various cities flaunting the natural beauty of meadows, agricultural lands, wetlands, and wooded areas.  As you pedal your way on the trails, about 1 ½ miles east of the historical town of Edmore the traveler can cycle back in history with a look down memory lane for a very memorable experience, and see what life might have been like at the turn of 20th century Michigan.  The Heritage Village located at Montcalm Community College has carved out a slice of history with over a dozen historical buildings, including replicas of a blacksmith shop, a one-room schoolhouse, a sawmill, and a town jail. 

Manhattan Waterfront Greenway, a well-planned and well-used bikeHudson River Greenwayway enjoyed by cyclists as well as people out for walks.  Cyclists are separated from automobile traffic and pedestrians.  The three major elements or branches to the bike trails are the East River Greenway, the Harlem River Greenway, and the Hudson River Greenway, with the Hudson River Greenway being the most traveled in continental United States. 

Cyclists along the East River Greenway will appreciate seeing the New York City Waterfalls from one of the viewing focal points.  Not as long as the other two components of the bikeway, the Harlem River Greenway that runs partially along the Harlem River Speedway will give the rider a continuous undisturbed biking experience.  The longest bike trail in Manhattan is the Hudson River Greenwy, runs close to the Hudson River, and if you make your way up the steep climb north of the George Washington Bridge you will be rewarded with a breathtaking scenic view at Inspiration Point, where you can indulge in a little solitude and quiet. 

A bike trail dating back to the late 1800s is the Burke-Gilman Sammamish Trail, in King County, Washington, is considered a rail trail, that at one time was an unused railway path, that has been converted for multi-use for cycling, hiking, walking and sometimes horseback riding.  Burke-Gilman TrailThe trail will take the rider through many different charming neighborhoods, the University Village Shopping Center, and runs adjacent to Lake Washington, the largest body of fresh water in King County.

From Family-Friendly to Unparalleled Challenge

If you are looking for a family friendly trail, the Schuylkill River Trail in Philadelphia can be enjoyed by all members of your family; riders will take pleasure in a pleasant ride on level terrain that is well-preserved and managed. The trail runs alongside the striking Schuylkill River as it snakes through the different towns.   Many cyclists consider it to be one of the best bike paths around Philadelphia.

Do you have time to explore nature up close and personal, are you looking for a little challenge, do you want to discover the great diversity that nature offers up, then the Great Divide MountainGreat Divide Map Bike Route (GDMBR) might be what you are looking for.  From the Canadian border adjacent to Eureka, Montana to the Mexican border in close proximity to Antelope Wells, New Mexico, the great divide bends, flexes, and twists over 2,000 miles showcasing unparalleled beauty, rolling hills and grasslands, polished desert where the solitude pulsates yet invites a mellow sense of calm, where the wilderness envelopes you and takes you back to a time when rivers, valleys, thick forests, and undeveloped terrain ruled.  An adventure like none other, cyclists can expect an experience that will make memories that will last a lifetime. 

Considered to be tElroy-Spartahe first rails to trails venture in North America, The Elroy-Sparta Bike Trail  in Wisconsin is very popular during the early spring through the early fall months when the weather is pleasant and moderate, yielding to a leisurely, very scenic ride. The three rock tunnels are the focal point of the trails that offers the rider a unique experience. Flashlights are advisable, though the tunnels are cool, and captivating, they are dark.   As the trail threads it way through the quaint towns, the irresistible country charm delivers a well-earned respite from the daily routine.  Many amenities, such as, restrooms, picnic areas, camp grounds, and snack concessions, are available from the end points of the cities of Elroy and Sparta, as well as the three cities along the way of Wilton, Norwalk and Kendall.  

There are many intriguing, historic, and very fascinating bike trails, the world over, that undoubtedly offer cyclists adventure, challenge, and very unique bike-friendly riding experiences.  The few highlighted above is by no means an exhaustive list.