Just knowing that this item exists on the market will make me seriously second guess driving my car anywhere near a person on a bike.

The Biker's Revenge are handle bar plugs for your street or mountain bike that replace your handlebar plugs with handlebar plugs with a key inset into them. The idea is that if somebody nearly runs you over, there is a pretty good chance that your handlebar is going to touch the side of their car resulting in some serious damage.

TheRecordPlayer.net said
"These modified handlebar plugs speak to the disgruntled urban cyclist. By retro-fitting stock parts with up-cycled keys, bikers can now find satisfaction with close encounters. This concept puts an new twist on the timeless tradition of car-keying revenge. by Matt Braun and Jared Delorenzo"

So next time you decide to cut off a cyclist while driving around down town, consider that these $5 items could be leaving thousands of dollars in damage on your ride.

Biker's Revenge Photos:

Key Handlebar Plugs

Bikers Revenge

Cyclists Revenge