When you live in Munich one of the best locations for a getaway is the Garda region. First of all it is located further south so usually it is at least a couple degrees warmer and second of all you have countless sport possibilities.

I like to stay not directly on the Lake since it is more expensive and a lot busier than Arco a small town just 7 km to the North. Here you can find a nice little campsite that offers a pool and clean showers for a fair price and you have the amazing view towards the ruins of the Arco towering over the city. It is no coincidence that Bayern Munich chooses this place every year to prepare for the new season.

ArcoCredit: Arco

But I didn´t come here to play football but to go mountain biking.  There are two amazing tours me and my girlfriend tried that weekend. The first was only 19 km long but for that it basically went uphill the whole time and we covered an altitude of 900 meters. I really like the contrast on this bike ride. After passing the town center of Arco you cycle through the outskirts where you make your way between the old houses in narrow streets that probably haven’t changed a lot in the last 50 years. Leaving Arco behind you slowly make your way past a nice climbing area and through some chestnut trees towards the village of Troiana. Just a bit further you will reach the highest point and the fun part starts. From this point you follow the Troiana-Trail down a small forest path which you can take almost all the way back to Arco. A little warning here: You should really have a proper mountain bike with good brakes and a helmet for this downhill part otherwise it will be too dangerous.

View from the mountain over ArcoCredit: arco

The nice thing about staying at a campsite is to just quickly go shopping, get some barbeque supplies and a bottle of wine and just chill in front of your tent and relax while watching the sun go down in the distance. If you need some rest you can use the next day to wander around in the lovely old town of Riva del Garda, rent a paddle boat or just lie besides the lake and enjoy watching the windsurfers and sailing boats. You really should have a look at the little shops and get an ice cream, it was one of the best I had in my life.

Riva del GardaCredit: Riva del Garda

The next day we chose my favorite bike path. Here you start in the center of Riva del Garda and head east towards Limone. Before the street continues into a tunnel there is a turn for bikers on the right that leads up a path that is not accessible with cars. This road is the old Ponale Street and is one of the most beautiful parts of this bike ride because of the views over the lake and the towns. You follow up this twisting road and enjoy the outlook but be careful of the bikers that come down with a lot of speed. There comes a part where you have to carry your bike for a bit so make sure it is not too heavy. After following the path through a nice forest you will have to take a main road for a bit before going off-road again for the final stretch of the tour. On the way to the lake you will pass through tiny old villages and at the end of this road you arrive at the Lago di Ledro and can take a well-deserved splash in the water. The best part after going uphill is of course the downhill part which is so much fun and you never want it to be over. But after some time you will arrive back in Garda and can wind down a bit in one of the nice restaurants with a pizza and a beer.

Lake GardaCredit: lake garda

This is pretty much what we had time for at this weekend but if you have more time there are surely more things to do in the Lago di Garda area.