Bikini Cream and bikini waxing is an absolute necessity now days. There is no way you will want to go out in public without using bikini cream. You can use razors for your bikini line but that tends to leave nicks, cuts, and bruises. If you can not afford to have you bikini line waxed professionally then here are 3 bikini creams and bikini waxes you can use at home to remove hair and or wax your own bikini line.

Nair- Nair is the most sought after and well know hair removal product on the market. Nair Bikini Cream is formulated differently from the regular Nair you use on your legs. It will leave your smooth skin baby soft and looking fresh without the nicks and cuts caused by razors.

Bikini CreamsSurgi Cream- Surgi Cream is used by professionals around the world to keep their clients skin smooth and silky. You can purchase Surgi Cream and use it to remove unwanted hair in preparation for donning your bikini for the summer. Surgi Cream can be used to remove unwanted hair from not only your bikini area but also your legs. Surgi Cream also helps rejuvenate your skin and bring you bikini area skins PH back to normal.

Bikini Zone wax Strips- Bikini Zone brand of wax strips are very handy to have on hand. You can easily wax you own bikini line without the hassle of traditional waxes. The wax is built into the pre-measured strips and works great. If you are a larger girl and feel a bit uncoordinated when using a mirror to wax your bikini line then you can ask a friend to help out.

There are many other products out there that are designed to help you wax and remove the hair for your bikini line. Shaving is a popular method but you do not want bumps showing around your bikini line. Shaving your bikini line can also lead to ingrown hairs which can appear similar to pimples. Besides being nasty looking they can also be very painful.

Shaving, waxing, plucking, and hair removal creams are all popular choices for eradicating the unwanted hair. Try out one of the creams or waxes listed above and decide which method and or methods you like best. Make sure that you also add some lubricating lotion to help lube your new bikini line and keep your skin healthy.

When using one of the Bikini line products to remove hair make sure you use caution and follow all directions that come with the hair removal product. Image Credit: Wikipedia