The Final Result



Before shaving, it is always beneficial to soak the hair to be shaved first. A bath or shower before a shaving session is a convenient way to do this, or a warm wash cloth applied to the area to be shaved for at least three minutes will accomplish the same effect. After soaking the hair, application of shaving oil creates a barrier that helps the razor glide easily over the skin to minimize irritation from abrasion.

Time for Gel

After the oil, it is time for a shaving gel. For hair on the bikini line, the gel should be specially formulated for use in that area or at least for use on sensitive skin. Gels are preferred over shaving creams because cream may be more likely to contribute to ingrown hairs and razor bumps because it is more likely to clog the hair follicles. 

A razor with a pivoting head is the best choice for bikini lines because the areas to be shaved are irregularly shaped. Built-in moisturizing strips and a fresh blade also help minimize irritation as does shaving in the direction of the hair growth. Shaving against the hair growth direction may produce a closer shave, but that closer shave may cause ingrown hair and razor bumps.

After Shave Aids

Many women finish shaving, rinse off any remaining gel, and consider the job done. Yet these same women are often plagued by after-shave irritation. A few more minutes of attention will prevent many post-shave symptoms.

Right After

Immediately after removing hair, the application of cooling pads helps soothe and calm the sensitive skin in the area. Pads are available that are specially formulated for just this use with carefully selected ingredients that excel at minimizing skin irritation. Within a few minutes, the bikini area skin feels less inflamed.

As a final step, the application of a moisturizer keeps skin smooth and calm after hair removal by shaving. The moisturizer should be light in texture and non-perfumed or just lightly scented. The best choice is a moisturizer that is designed for the bikini area that does not contain any extra ingredients to combat aging or prevent sun exposure. Those extra ingredients bulk up moisturizers and make them more likely to clog the sensitive pores in the delicate skin of the bikini area.