Get healthy and lose weight with Bikram Yoga, the "Hot yoga"

Bikram yoga is a very intense physical form of exercise; it is one of the many types of yoga, with the particularity that it is combined with high temperatures and considered as the most extreme physical level of Yoga; it is practiced in a room heated with a maximum temperature of 40.6°C and runs for 90 minutes, combining two (2) different breathing exercises and twenty six (26) set of postures.

Regular exercise of this type of hot yoga helps to loosen muscles and sweat out toxins in our body; increases the blood flow throughout each one of the organs and improves our well-being, mental health and weight problems; however, special considerations needs to be taken if you are considering to take up any form of extreme exercise, in particular Bikram yoga; this article will try to highlight the benefits and precautions of the Hot Yoga.


Benefits of Bikram Yoga

√  Improves posture and alignment of the spine: regular practice reduces backaches and improves the quality of life of people suffering from several chronic diseases; the main reason is the direct impact on the spine that this form of exercise produces.

Better flexibility: balance and strength are improved, reducing the risk of injury.

Increase vitality: it is the best type of yoga you can practice to enhance vitality and energy levels.

Healthy joints: keep fit joints and strengthens muscles around the joints.

Self-esteem: enhances your self-esteem, reduces depression symptoms and keeps your brain sharp with an improved mental outlook of life.

Relaxation: reduces stress levels; it is also one of the best type of exercise that will help you sleep better during the night; although it should be avoided one or two hours before going to bed.

Enhance the immune system: regular exercise, even light or moderate is directly linked to a better immune system. The heat produced in the Bikram room reduces level of anger and loneliness, generating a sense of wellbeing and peace, and improving our body protective’s network in charge to fend off illness.

Promotes weight loss and eliminates toxins though sweating: an average person will burn around 500 calories during the 90 minutes sessions.

Regulates your metabolism: the well-being factor produced by regular practice of yoga will also produce a normal change in your “craving habits” and health in general. 


Tips and Precautions with Bikram Yoga

√ You must use a Lycra or any other type or elastic material.

√ Drink liquids during the yoga class; it will help you to maintain normal fluids levels in your body.

√ Always check with your doctor; especially, if you have any concern or suffer from any underlying health issue.

√ Not recommended for children under 12 years old; if you are fasting; have a fever; if you are pregnant or suffer from epilepsy.

√ Consult with your doctor if you have high blood pressure, or if you have back problems.

√ Many people initiating in this practice suffer dizziness and nauseas; this is produced for the high level of heat in the room.


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