Staring at a mountain of bills is never fun. One can get lost in all the different options and finally not know where to start or what to do. Disorganization sets in and then paralysis leaving bills let unresolved. If left long enough the phone calls will start and a feeling of panic washes over you. Having an idea of the choices out there is a good starting point, here are a few.

Bill consolidation home loans is similar to secure loans were a home is used as a collateral. These types of loans are usually the easiest to get even if you have other challenges like bad credit. So lending companies will advertise loans for people with bad credit. The key with the loans is that you have equity in your home that can be utilized. The interest rates charged on these types of loans are usually the lowest and can be as low as the banks prime lending rate.

Bill consolidation cosigned loans can give you a really good shot at being able to negotiate for better loan conditions when you have trouble qualifying alone. This option is usually more difficult because you'd have to ask somebody to cosign and they would know more about your financial position which can be embarrassing. Interest rates tend to be low if your cosigner has solid income and good credit.

Using a bill consolidation loan you may have the opportunity to free up some of the money used presently to pay these bills. Most banks offer an acceleration option where you can set payments to be higher than the minimum. Just make sure you check the fine print that you don't get penalized for paying more than the allowable limit. Some banks do impose a certain percentage of extra payments allowed per year, but often most don't as a bill consolidation loan is usually open. An open loan means you can pay as much as you want and even paid off at any time.

The best thing to do is to take action now do some research on the Internet possible lenders, write down the contact information and organize a plan as soon as possible. It's easy to let something like this to keep it off and it's better to deal with it sooner rather than later. You definitely don't want this to affect your credit and even if it has its better that no more damage is done. Consult a professional before acting on any advice or committing to any financial obligation.