This list of billionaires giving back to help the poor and needy people of the world is mean to give them a little recognition, more than anything.  It seems that we tend to forget all the good things the super-rich do to provide assistance to the less fortunate.  While many celebrities give away free money to charities and groups for tax purposes, and sometimes for publicity, but many do so out of the kindness of their heart alone.  Many of the wealthiest people in the world are giving back, donating the mass of their wealth through philanthropy to those that need it the most.  Most of the people are not famous celebrities, like Bill Gates or Paul Allen, but they are giving back to make the world a better place.  Most of the members on this list are not household names and celebrities; they are rich people trying to help out.

Jeff Skoll

Jeff Skoll grew up with a middle class family in Canada.  In 2009, the Skoll Global Threats Fund was founded.  Water scarcity, middle-east peace, and pandemics are the main focus of the group, along with nuclear threats.  As you can see, these are some of the most important issues facing us all globally and the fact he is willing to help out with his philanthropic endeavors is great to see.

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David M. Rubenstein

This self-made billionaire grew up with a blue collar family in Baltimore.  From humble beginnings to a man that gives back to the community and those that need it the most.  In fact, Rubenstein claims that before Bill Gates contacted him to join the Giving Pledge, he had already intended on donating at least half of his wealth to others.

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T. Boone Pickens

To date, T. Boone Pickens have given away almost one billion dollars to groups and organizations that help to raise money for the most needy and destitute of society.  He is not a celebrity like Bill Gates or Warren Buffett, but he certainly is putting the financial assets on the line to help out others.  It is great to see so many philanthropic minds working together to help make the lives better of those that are less fortunate.

Duncan and Nancy Macmillan

The husband and wife fully believe that “money has the most value when it’s used for other and the greater good.”  It’s hard to argue with unselfishness like that and easy to see why the billionaire couple fully believe in the effort to give away the bulk of their fortune to those that need it the most.

Charles F. Feeney

As a major donor the Atlantic Philanthropies through his organization, the Atlantic Foundation, Billionaire Charles F. Feeney is a trailblazer.  In fact, well before the Giving Pledge took form, he had transferred the bulk of his wealth and property to the foundation.  It certainly is nice to see some of the richest people in the world giving back to those in need of financial assistance.

What is the Giving Pledge?

Many of the ultra-rich businesspeople in the world are taking the giving pledge.  They are agreeing to give at least half of their wealth to charitable organizations.  These philanthropists are making a difference in the world today by giving away money to the neediest people of all.  Every person on this list has taken the same oath of giving.  Bill Gates and Warren Buffett are two of the leaders of the movement and should also be commended for giving away money to help out others, as both are also members of the Giving Pledge and are making a difference.

Trends in Donating Money

Many of the richest people in the world tend to create foundations, where they look to give back to their home communities, the poor, and on occasion, some of the individual people in the world that have fallen on hard times.  Sometimes, in the event of financial ruin or extreme medical bills, regular people are the recipient of a cash gift.  Does this sound like you?  While the chances, in all honesty, of the super-wealthy finding you, giving you money, and taking care of your bills are slim, it is heartwarming to know there are lots of billionaires giving back to the poor and needy.

How Can I Help?

You might not be a billionaire looking to give away money, but you can still do plenty to help out in your area and community, even if you are not wealthy.  There are probably many people that are poorer and needier than you, so you can help out others.  The list below represents some of the ways to help out, even if you have no money to donate.

Monetary Donations:  Almost any charity will gladly accept a donation of money to provide help to those that need it.  If you would like to donate, it doesn’t have to be $5,000 or even $50.  Many people can benefit from a simple $10 donation.  Some even accept text donations that can be done with expiring minutes from pre-paid cellular phones.  Billionaires giving back to help aren’t the only ones making a difference in the world.

Volunteering:  There are likely many difference volunteering opportunities in your area, since most are home to several nonprofit organizations and groups looking to provide add and free money to those that need it.

Fundraising:  If you don’t have much money to give away, you can probably raise some money.  While billionaires aren’t likely to respond to your pleas for donations, but perhaps your neighbors and other members of the community will.

Community Beautification:  Clean the sidewalks, help to paint over graffiti, or find some other way to make the community a little brighter and more beautiful.  These projects are every bit as important as giving away money.

Help a Friend:  Do you have a neighbor or friend that needs help?  If so, take action and help them out.  You’ll be glad you did and will likely gain a lot of self-satisfaction from it.  Billionaires giving back to help the poor and needy cannot find all those in need.

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