Billy Goat Brush Mower

What Is A Billy Goat Brush Mower?

A Billy Goat brush mower is a self propelled brush mower designed for people with large amounts of property that needs to be maintained on a regular basis.  It is a great machine for those that have grass and brush too thick to cut with a regular mower, but don’t need the expense and destruction caused by large machinery like a skid steer brush cutter.  It contains all of the cutting action inside the deck to keep you safe from flying debris and churns and mulches your vegetation before leveling it with the ground.  The result is a clean path that can be used to clear any amount of space.  It is small and versatile enough to work around fence posts and trees, yet powerful enough to take down an 8FT sapling 2 inches thick.  

Benefits Of A Billy Goat Brush Mower

There are a number of features and benefits that were carefully constructed into the design of Outback brushcutters. To begin with, these brush mowers have a 2 stage cutting system.  In the first stage, the grass weed or sapling is bent over and safely cut off at about 3 inches.  Then the vegetation is churned, chipped into a presentable mulch that can be walked on comfortably.  All of the cutting action takes place inside of the mower itself so that the operator is clear of any debris.  Additionally all of the belts, gears and mechanics are enclosed to keep the visible moving parts to a minimum.  

Unlike large tractors and brush cutters which are bulky, destructive, and stubborn Outback Brushcutters offer the maneuverability of a walk behind mower, with the cutting power of a brush hog.  It’s self driven and fully enclosed transmission provides effortless movement throughout your property making easy work of difficult shrubs and vegetation.  It even comes with puncture proof tires designed to handle the abuse of dense woodland.  

As opposed to hand trimmers, and sickle bar mowers which only cut the brush down once and leave it there, Billy Goat brush mowers chop and trim vegetation repeatedly until it is forced into the ground. This creates a beautiful landscape for you to enjoy somewhere in between that of a manicured lawn and the mess traditional brush cutters leave behind.  

Billy Goat Brush Mower Safety Features

In addition to having a completely enclosed mowing deck, and having very limited exposed moving parts, Billy Goat brush mowers have several additional safety features built in to keep operators out of harms way.  The primary safety is the auto shut off the machine has should the operator lose control.  Rather than continue on a path of destruction if the operator looses control, the machine will stop forward motion and kill the engine.  The secondary safety feature is its intentional low center of gravity which allows it to cut at angled slopes of up to 15 degrees.  Finally, it has a blade brake that will stop the motor should it run into a stump, rock, or post. Rather than allow it to do damage to itself, Billy Goat brush mowers were designed for the unexpected and can plow through almost anything you throw at them.