Many families take their annual trip to the same place year after year. If you are tired of seeing the same sights, consider trying a new vacation destination this year. You might want to take a trip out to Biloxi, Mississippi.  If you haven’t heard of this quaint southern town, you are missing out. This is a great place to escape for a few days whether you are traveling alone, in a group or with your family.

Biloxi, Mississippi has about 50,000 residents. While the town is rather small, it is anything but old-fashioned. Visitors love that this beautiful Southern town offers the nostalgic and old fashioned delights while having a host of modern conveniences as well. Here are 4 great reasons to take your next trip to Biloxi, Mississippi. You will have a great time and certainly won’t regret your decision.

Dance and Party
If you are looking for a fun night out, Biloxi has the solution. They have many bars, nightclubs and casinos ready to provide all night entertainment. There are 12 casinos in Biloxi, so you certainly won’t struggle to find a great slot machine or a poker table. You might even win big and can use your winning to finance your next trip to Biloxi. You will have so much fun that you will surely want to return soon.

Historical Offerings
If you love southern history, you need to stop by the Beauvoir while in Biloxi. This beautiful historical mansion was once the home of Jefferson Davis, the president of the confederate states. While at his home, be sure to take a look at the spectacular view of the Gulf of Mexico. It is stunning view that won’t be forgotten any time soon. You will find a host of other historical sites in Biloxi as well.

A Fisherman’s Dream
If you love to fish, you will have a great time in Biloxi. They offer fishing opportunities for everyone. If you want some adventure, you might decide to rent a boat and go out on a deep sea fishing trip. There are also great piers for ocean fishing, which tend to offer up some great catches... If you prefer to freshwater fish, there are an abundance of lakes, reservoirs and rivers near by. When you spend time fishing you get to relax, while bringing home a delicious dinner as well.

Food, Shopping and So Much More
Don’t underestimate your trip to Biloxi, Mississippi. It will be a beautiful and fun filled trip that you won’t want to end. You will find delicious restaurants, a host of unique shops and so much to see and do. Since Biloxi is on the coast they have a host of delectable sea food restaurants that are arguably some of the best in the nation.

For your next weekend away, consider Biloxi. It might not be the first place you think of, but once you visit you will surely want to come back.