Binaural Beats for Lucid DreamingCredit: beats are quite a remarkable thing. They allow the mind to reach self-induced states ranging from extreme focus to profound relaxation. That being said, it is no wonder or surprise that binaural beats are the perfect technology for lucid dreaming.

To start off, what is lucid dreaming? There is much contradiction in determining exactly how much awareness is required for a dream to be considered lucid. The level of consciousness that one achieves in a dream is varied and often ambiguous in the sense that the way one perceives their lucidity after the fact (after they wake up) is very different than the way they may perceive it during the fact (while in the dream). While dreaming the mind can sometimes detect that the things around them are altered from their counterparts in reality. When this happens, the brain, while having some degree of perspicacity, may not necessarily have an understanding of how they can use their awareness to alter the reality of the dream. However, if the dreamer is able to control the state of the dream after establishing their awareness (that it is a dream) it is known as a dream-initiated lucid dream (DILD). In contrast, a wake-initiated lucid dream (WILD) occurs when the dreamer goes from a waking state directly into the dream; these are typically more controllable and vivid than DILD's. Lucid Dream AbstractionCredit:

It may be that it is harder to control a dream in a DILD than to control a WILD since it is entered into with an understanding that it is a dream. This is a justifiable conclusion considering the fact that dreams are projections of our subconsciousness, which is uncontrollable in both the conscious (awake) and unconscious state (sleeping). However, by concentrating on a particular idea prior to sleep, it is possible to simultaneously focus our subconsciousness on the same thing, thereby entering into a dream with sensory perceptions and emotional responses that relate to the central idea.

Now that we have established a conceptual understanding of how lucid dreams work, it is possible to understand why binaural beats more efficiently enable dreamers to enter into WILD's. Binaural beats act as catalysts which induce the dream state through their alignment of our brain waves with the alpha frequencies (8-13 Hz) associated with REM (rapid eye movement) sleep, the state that allows dreams to occur. The difference between the sleep cycle induced by this method and the natural sleep cycle is that the dreamer can maintain a higher level of consciousness directly before reaching the alpha brain state. This means that the dreamer has not only has less time between consciousness and unconsciousness to lose their awareness of dreaming and also is not subject to the states leading up to REM, in which it is more difficultLucid DreamingCredit: to control conscious thought, for as long of a time. Also, if the binaural beat is continuously played while in the REM state, the user can maintain a longer time within the conscious dream by continuously inducing the alpha brain state. Maintaining this state allows for the dreamer to decrease the risk of waking up from the consciousness maintained within the dream; this sometimes occurs if the dreamer realizes they are dreaming and transitions into the Beta brain state (the state associated with normal waking and consciousness). The longer the conscious dreamer can remain in REM sleep, the more control and precision the dreamer is able to achieve.

Conclusively, binaural beats are advantageous for lucid dreamers through their induction of dreams and ability to prolong the duration of a dream without negating the consciousness of the dreamer. Lucid dreaming is a technique which requires great time and effort for some. It is nearly impossible to regain awareness after it is lost while in a dream or to induce a dream while trying to remain conscious so failed attempts require the repetition of an entire sleep cycle. Also, despite concentrating on a particular thought or idea, the subconscious tends to prioritize other things if the dreamer has a lot of stress or worry about something else in their life. It is safe to say that binaural beats really are the perfect solution, especially for beginners or those who have had difficulty lucid dreaming. 

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