Binaural Frequency Harmonics - can be described as the use of Harmonic Sounds, or Beats (Binaural Beats) - to achieve an Altered State of Consciousness!

Heinrich Wilhelm Dove discovered binaural beats in 1839. But not until 134 years later, with the publishing of Gerald Oster's article "Auditory Beats in the Brain" (Scientific American - 1973) did the subject really come to the fore. This article offered tremendous insight and opened new avenues for the scientific use of binaural beats for the benefit of all!

Binaural beats have always been a matter of interest both for Neuropsycologists and Neophysiologists who have tried to learn and research on how binaural beats can influence the brain in more subtle ways. Through entrainment of brainwaves binaural beats can bring about relaxation, and other medical benefits and effects such as pain relief, stress-relief, enhanced energy, and enhanced memory besides others.

In an advanced application Binaural Frequency Harmonics can be used for Astral Projection, Meditation, Manifestation, ESP/Psychic Aid, Shaman consciousness, chakra tuning, enlightenment, remote viewing, and a wide range of other spiritual, scientific and medical applications.

ManifestationMeditation PoseShamanChakra Tuning
Manifestation Meditation Shaman Consciousness Chakra tuning

Binaural beats directly stimulate neural activity, thereby having an immediate effect on the user. There is a unique method of producing and hearing binaural beats in a way that it stimulates neural activity, which will be dealt at length in specialized articles which will be published as supplements to this introductory article.

For a layman it will be easy to understand this concept easily if you try to listen to some good instrumental music through a normal audio speaker system, and hearing the same in a stereophonic system, and further in a Dolby or Hi-Fi surround sound system. The effect will be phenomenal. The same effect comes when using Binaural Frequency Harmonics, in that harmonic sounds tune the brain waves in such a way that the binaural beats are in two different frequencies, very slightly apart, and when they strike your brain, the two hemispheres of the brain work in unison to calculate the difference between the two. As a result our brain becomes synchronized by the stimulus leading to a deep state of meditation and neurological exercise combined to give an experience only to be believed when practiced.

Today Binaural Frequency Harmonics is used for wide applications such as beating anxiety, and stress which is today hitting the common man hard. It is also used for gaining confidence, calming the mind, boosting memory levels, while Quantum healing is used for curing ailments, illness and reducing pain.

The internet is flooded with such information but I will make an effort to bring forward only the best through my articles, and hope the readers will like and appreciate it. This was only an introduction to this fantastic topic of Binaural Frequency Harmonics and in my subsequent posts I will try to elaborate on each aspect of it further, besides adding new content in this category of topics.