The Smith & Hawken BioStack Composter is much loved by anyone who bought one. In fact, this is one garden compost bin that is so rugged, convenient and economical there is no surprise that thousands of people a month still search for the Smith & Hawken's Biostack Composter. The only surprise is to find that Smith & Hawken no longer produce this enduring piece of practical garden design.

Scotts BioStack Composter

All is not lost though. If you've seen the BioStack compost bin in a friend's yard and coveted its practical design, you can still buy your own. But now it is a Scotts BioStack Composter. Well, no, that is wrong. Officially it is a Scotts Company Compost Bin MG Orange 100161 but I think you would agree BioStack is a little easier to remember.

They may not be able to use the Bio Stack name but they have used all the same design features to make this one practical and cheap compost bin. For only around $80 you can have a simple to use and fast acting BioStack Composter.

BioStack Composting

Rather than rely on you manually turning the compost or rotating it if you have a compost tumbler, the BioStack uses an altogether more simple process. One which will not break your back or your bank account.

To turn the compost you simple dismantle the garden composter! It comes in three tiers which can be removed and the bin rebuilt next to its original place. If each tier is moved in turn, and the compost held in that tier moved to the new bin you will completely turn and mix the organic matter in a way far less strenuous than trying to mix the contents in a static bin.

With no moving parts, the BioStack is a simple design which is built to last. There really is very little that could happen when all you have really are three open cubes sat on one another.

The lid to this garden composter is of extremely generous proportions, hinged so you can open as much as you like. This is simple to assemble and extremely simple to use. Just add a mixture of green (wet) and brown (dry) matter to the bin and you'll be rewarded with a regular supply of nutrient rich organic compost for your garden to enjoy.

Recycling all your garden waste and kitchen scraps need not be expensive or difficult with a Scotts BioStack Composter. Products are simple to assemble, easy to use, rot and rodent proof and best of all cheap enough that you could buy two. After all, two garden composters means you will always have somewhere to deposit your waste materials, even when one Scoots or Smith & Hawken BioStack Composter is full and 'digesting'.