Isn’t it frustrating when you search the web for product reviews and all you find are a bunch of conflicting opinions? That’s what happens when you search for Biofreeze reviews. You find a lot of people who say the product doesn’t work for them -- and a lot people trying to tell you it’s a miracle cure. Which of them are correct?

Truthfully, how well Biofreeze works for you depends on your expectations, what kind of pain your have and how severe it is.

Many people have received Biofreeze samples from a healthcare provider like a doctor, chiropractor or even a massage therapist. Using the free samples convinced them how good the products is and they started wondering where to buy it. But for a long time, it was only available through a doctor’s office or from a practitioner.

So Does Biofreeze Work?

For many people, Biofreeze works very well. There is a lot of misinformation about the product, however.

It’s important to understand that there’s no secret ingredient that makes it work. It relies on menthol, a topical pain reliever that’s been in use for thousands of years. People continue to use menthol for pain because it works. The spray form of Biofreeze also includes arnica, a homeopathic agent that reduces bruising. Some people think the fancy-sounding South American herb in Biofreeze is also a pain reliever, but it’s just there to keep the product from feeling sticky.

The menthol in Biofreeze works by cooling and soothing the skin around an area that hurts. The cold blocks pains, causing temporary relief from symptoms. If pain is particularly intense or very deep below the surface, the cooling effect may not be enough to overcome the pain. That’s why some people claim the product doesn’t work for them: Their pain is simply too severe.

Only One Thing Is Important

The only way to find out whether Biofreeze will work for you is to try it. Biofreeze reviews vary because people’s pain levels and tolerances vary. The menthol it contains is a recommended and long-established pain reliever, but it may not be the right pain reliever for the type and intensity of pain you experience.

If you’ve tried other menthol products and haven’t found relief, this one probably won’t work for you either. If you haven’t yet tried menthol to control your pain, this product is affordable, easy to order online and has a pleasant (although initially strong) minty scent that you’ll enjoy.

If you need more information, I’ve also written another article on this topic called Biofreeze: Where To Buy It And Some Info About It that includes some of my other impressions as well as information on ordering it from Amazon.

Biofreeze is an effective and useful pain reliever that deserves your attention. If you have pain, this product could pleasantly surprise you with its effectiveness, so why not go ahead and try it?