Biofuels have become one of the most used renewable energy sources used today. Biofuels can be a variety of different types of fuels that come from bio mass. Bio mass is the actual ingredient that is renewable and it comes from living, breathing organisms. Now more than ever there is an increasing interest and demand for bio fuels. Oil prices are skyrocketing and the green house gas has got everyone worried about global warming. Biofuels can provide some piece of mind to these worrying people.

Bio ethanol is a type of Biofuel that is made almost entirely from starch crops and sugars. It is mainly used for gasoline and is extremely popular in Brazil and the United States. Statistically only about 2% of the worlds transport fuel are biofuels, but the rate has been steadily growing for the past few years. With any luck, we may see a bigger spike in usage to help save our environment. Bio diesel is the most popular form of biofuels used in parts of the world like Europe. Bio diesel is composed of elements like fats and oils. Plus, bio diesel can be used in any diesel engine so it makes it readily available and affordable.

There are other types of biofuels used for propelling. In fact, solid biofuels are used to light your wood fire or stoves. Charcoal, wood, sawdust, and dried manure are a few different types of solid biofuels. When it comes to replacing fossil fuels, there is no better way, available than to do so with biofuels. Biofuels are even carbon dioxide neutral, meaning they don't emit carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Bio gas is a renewable source that is now a popular replacement for natural gas. It is pretty much made up the same way but it comes from plants or animals so it is much more energy efficient.

One of the best things about bio fuels is how cheap and affordable they are. Even the lowest priced fossil fuels can't compete with the ridiculously low prices of bio fuels. There are definitely more pros than cons to using bio fuels but there are still a few concerns. Some people fear the bigger the demand bio fuels will decrease the natural habitat of many animals. We truly wouldn't know that until the demand became that great though.