Jason Statham comes from humble beginnings and says he is not too shy to go back. He was born in Shirebrook, Derbyshire on September 12, 1967. His mom, Eileen Statham, was a dancer. His dad, Barry Statham, worked as a lounge singer and sold goods in the local street market stalls. Jason had a love of the arts, football and diving. He practiced diving everyday and was part of Britain's National Diving Squad for twelve years. He competed on the 3-meter springboard and 10-meter platform. He reached the rank of 12th in the world for platform diving in 1992. He said of that time in his life, "I think being a competitive diver for years helps you focus and dedicate yourself to what's needed."

He likes competition and pushing himself. He is an avid supporter of Nottingham Forest Football Club, is considered an expert in Kickboxing and is well trained in Mixed Martial Arts. His gravelly voice and ever-present stubble have been his trademark in movies and he feels an average guy look contributes to his popularity: "I suppose that is the European way, dangerous and hairy."

Jason StathamCredit: http://www.flickr.com/people/jwjensen/The more than 30 movies he has starred in since 1998 have brought him a net worth of more than $30 million. He was in a relationship with Kelly Brook from 1997 to 2004. He has been seeing Rosie Huntington-Whiteley since 2010. Supermodel Rosie is twenty years younger than Statham and has made it clear that she wants to have children with him someday. For his part, Jason says he is ready to start a family with Rosie, but understands her career is keeping her busy currently and he does not want to pressure her. Jason has an older brother, Lee Statham, and no sisters.

Guy Ritchie was just starting out as a director when he cast Jason Statham for the role of a con artist in his movie Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels. The two have remained close friends and worked together in Revolver and Snatch. The total box office gross for all Jason Statham films is about $1 billion. The highest grossing film he has been a part of is The Expendables. He is most widely known for his starring role in The Bank Job, which grossed more than $63 million.

He did most all of his own stunts in the 2002 movie The Transporter saying, "I've spent all those years learning how to do certain skills, and then that competitive spirit kicks in and you want to do the stunts. Basically, it's the the male competitive ego at work."

When asked about the characters he portrays in movies and from where he draws his inspiration, Statham says, "Growing up where I did, you met a lot of colorful characters whose business was on the other side of the law, or more likely you didn't know what they were up to, and you never would. So playing those kinds of characters now, I can draw on that. The rest of it, you can practice or learn from books. But mostly, I draw from my experiences. That's all I have, you know."

None of his film roles have garnered Academy Award nominations and that does not seem to bother Statham. He says, "I'm certainly not Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt."

Video Games

2002 Red Faction II
2003 Call of Duty


2009 Transporter 3 Special Delivery: Transporters in the Real World


1998 Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels
2000 Snatch
2000 Turn It Up
2001 Ghosts of Mars
2001 The One
2001  Mean Machine
2002  The Transporter
2003 The Italian Job 
2004 Collateral 
2004 Cellular
2005 Chaos
2005 Transporter 2
2005 London
2005 Revolver
2006 The Pink Panther
2006 Crank
2007 In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale 
2007 War
2008 The Bank Job
2008 Death Race
2008 Transporter 3
2009 Crank: High Voltage
2010 13
2010 The Expendables
2011 The Mechanic
2011 Gnomeo & Juliet
2011 Blitz
2011 Killer Elite
2012 Safe
2012 The Expendables 2
2013 Parker
2013 Fast & Furious 6
2013 Redemption
2013 Homefront
2014 The Expendables 3
2015 Wild Card
2015 Spy
2015 Fast and Furious 7
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