Best known for his roles in the Green Lantern as Sinestro and in Sherlock Holmes as Lord Blackthorn, actor Mark Strong has made a lucrative career for himself commonly portraying villain characters. Strong was born in London, England as Marco Giuseppe Salussolia. His mother was Australian and father Italian. Upon his father leaving them when he was born, his mother chose to officially change his name to Mark to reduce the chance of him being picked on in school and to fit in easier. Strong's life has been simple and laidback and continues to live in such a style.

Strong originally planned to become a lawyer and left London to study at the Wymondham College in Norfolk, England. He changed his mind after one year of studies to become an actor. He returned to London to study drama at the Royal Holloway at the University of London. This is where he found his niche.

Mark StrongCredit: By Siebbi (cropped version of [CC BY 3.0 (], via Wikimedia CommonsThere was nothing tragic or shocking that has occurred in Mark Strong's life as some actors may have experienced with poverty and facing tough times. Just as his acting career continues to be steady, so has his personal life. In his private life he has two sons with his wife Liza Marshall who he maintains in a stable relationship with. He prefers to continue living in London as he has spent most of his life there. Currently, he lives moderately in a red brick Victorian home rather than moving to the United States. He began to make a name for himself in the late 1980's by starring in many television series and British stage productions in England. He managed to explore further into American roles from movies such as Kick Ass in 2010 as Frank D'Amico to adult films such as Syrianain 2005 as Musawi. Strong has one of those highly familiar faces that you will always recognize, but may not necessarily remember his name.

Mark Strong speaks fluent German and Italian that has also helped him increase the amount of roles he is offered. He is not only versatile as an actor he is versatile in his personal life as well. He has dabbled in music as he played in punk bands such as Private Party and the Electric Hoax in college and he developed a liking for being a DJ as he feels is very good at it. He has a strong sense of style and considers David Bowie as his style icon. Strong looks upon Nelson Mandela as his greatest inspiration.

What is there not to like about Mark Strong? He is a hard worker and has made his mark in films and television alike as an established actor. He is a family man who has developed a firm foundation for his family and has not found himself a target for media frenzy over things that may have gone wrong in his life. He lives a simple life at home and considers himself organized and happy despite how busy and hectic things can get in his professional life.


1989 After Henry
1990 The Bill
1990 Inspector Morse
1993 Screenplay
1993  The Buddha of Suburbia 
1993 Prime Suspect 3
1994 Between the Lines 
1995 Kavanagh QC 
1996 Our Friends in the North 
1997 Band of Gold 
1999 Births, Marriages and Deaths 
2000 Anna Karenina 
2002 The Jury 
2003 Prime Suspect 6: The Last Witness 
2004 The Long Firm 
2013 Low Winter Sun 
2014 Playhouse Presents 

Video Games

2010 Kick-Ass: The Game
2011 Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine 
2013 Total War: Rome II 




1991 One Against the Wind
1993 Century 
1994 Captives 
1996 Sharpe's Mission 
1996 Emma 
1997 Fever Pitch 
1998 Spoonface Steinberg 
1998 Twice Upon a Yesterday 
1999 Elephant Juice 
1999 In the Name of Love 
1999 Sunshine 
2000 Bomber 
2000 Trust 
2001 To End All Wars 
2001 Hotel 
2001 The Martins 
2001 Superstition 
2002 Fields of Gold 
2002 Heartlands 
2002 Falling Apart 
2003 It's All About Love 
2003 Some Place Safe 
2003 Henry VIII 
2005 Revolver 
2005 Oliver Twist 
2005 Walk Away and I Stumble 
2005 Syriana 
2006 Tristan + Isolde 
2006 Low Winter Sun 
2006 Scenes of a Sexual Nature 
2007 Sunshine 
2007 Stardust 
2008 Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day 
2008 Flashbacks of a Fool 
2008 Babylon A.D. 
2008 RocknRolla 
2008 Good 
2008 Body of Lies 
2009 Endgame 
2009 The Young Victoria 
2009 The Odds 
2009 Sherlock Holmes 
2010 Kick-Ass 
2010 Robin Hood 
2010 The Secret World of Arietty 
2010 The Way Back 
2011 The Guard 
2011 The Eagle 
2011 Green Lantern 
2011 Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy 
2011 Day of the Falcon 
2012 John Carter 
2012 Blood 
2012 Zero Dark Thirty 
2013 Welcome to the Punch 
2013 Justin and the Knights of Valour 
2013 Anna 
2013 Closer to the Moon 
2014 Jaguar: Rendezvous 
2014 The Imitation Game 
2014 Before I Go to Sleep 
2014 Ad Inexplorata 
2015 Kingsman: The Secret Service 
2015 Grimsby 


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